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2024 PDGA Majors Awarded

2024 PDGA Majors Awarded

World Championships, USWDGC, US Masters sites announced

Wednesday, December 21, 2022 - 08:49

PDGA Major Events are the premier national and international competitions for disc golf each year, featuring the world’s best disc golfers competing for World and National Titles in multiple skill, age, and gender-based divisions. These PDGA marquee events offer any city or town the chance to host an international sporting event in their community, to draw interest and attention to the location, and to generate a significant economic impact for local businesses.

Hosting a PDGA Major is a challenging task. Interest was shown from several involved local organizing committees (LOC), meaning selecting these events was difficult, as so many excellent bid packages were submitted.

After much deliberation from the PDGA Staff and the PDGA Board of Directors, the Professional Disc Golf Association is pleased to announce the award of the following 2024 PDGA Major Events:

2024 PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships


New London Tech will be one of two courses in play at the 2024 PDGA Professional World Championships in Lynchburg, Virginia. Photo: UDisc



Spectator opportunities abound at the Ivy Hill Disc Club, a new course in Lynchburg.

  • Received three bids
  • 2023 Location: Jeffersonville, VT. USA
  • 2022 Location: Emporia, KS. USA
  • 2021 Location: Ogden, UT. USA

The 2024 PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships will be held in Lynchburg, VA. USA.

Nate Heinold and his Ledgestone DG event team are working with the local Bedford disc golf club, Liberty University, and its Disc Golf Team, Runk and Pratt, Bedford County and the City of Lynchburg to raise the bar for future Pro Worlds events while providing a memorable experience for athletes and fans alike. The proposed courses are New London Tech DGC, which is wooded, and a new course, the Ivy Hill Disc Golf Club, which is more open, offering spectator opportunity to up to 4,000 people daily.

Nate and his team were responsible for directing and managing recent DGLO events. They will run the 2023 PDGA Champions Cup in Appling, GA., so they are not strangers to running an Elite-level event outside their comfort zone of Peoria, IL. Nate is most comfortable when he is involved in the execution of disc golf events of this magnitude. Nate’s core event staff will be comprised of Ledgestone Disc Golf employees but will also engage high-level event organizers from around the Lynchburg area. Many of these same organizers have been involved with disc golf activity in Lynchburg, so they are all very familiar with the courses, properties, and management thereof. Paul McBeth previously lived in Lynchburg, designed New London, and provided feedback on the design for Ivy Hill, which is slated to be installed permanently in 2023.

There is a deep financial commitment already in place. Add to that the dedicated hospitality tents for athletes, a “players-only” portion of the clubhouse at Ivy Hill, a catered dinner for players, free concerts, and other social ancillary activities, and the perceived value for athletes will be top-notch.

Knowing that this portion of the US is one of the densest regarding players and fans of the sport, we expect spectator amounts to be in the thousands for each day of competition in Lynchburg. What else can spectators expect throughout the week? By purchasing a ticket, spectators can watch the world’s best up close, managed by a team of professionals creating a safe and exciting environment. There are myriad area attractions and outdoor recreation outlets, so there is plenty to do off the course. There are numerous rental properties and hotels, so there are comfortable places to sleep. There are plenty of restaurants and bars to recharge after a long day of watching disc golf. This area has the infrastructure necessary to support a PDGA Pro Worlds event.

This will be the first PDGA World Championship (of any kind) in the Commonwealth of Virginia. For many touring pros, this presents their first opportunity to play in the Old Dominion. Understanding the realized value and financial impact of the most recent iterations of their events, it should be easy for players to see why Nate has big goals for this 2024 event. He is a TD who sees the devil in the details and constantly pushes to be the best while providing safe and fair competition. We expect this crew to produce a phenomenal Pro Worlds in 2024, which will be one to remember.

"The Ledgestone Group is thrilled to be hosting the 2024 Pro Worlds in Lynchburg and Bedford County. The primary courses for the event will be the New London Tech course and a new course at Ivy Hill Golf Club.

The New London Tech course is a wooded course that measures 8300' from the FPO tees and 11,500' from the long tees. Just a short drive down the road sits Ivy Hill Golf Club, which is a new course. Ivy Hill is a beautiful facility that will host three rounds of competition for the FPO and MPO players and will be the location for the finals. Ivy HIll will be able to host nearly 4,000 spectators and is an incredible venue for spectating. The MPO layout will play 11,500' while the FPO layout will play 9500'. The finishing 4 holes will be one of the best finishing stretches on tour. Nestled at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Ivy Hill provides significant elevation change and breathtaking views.

Ledgestone is thrilled to be working with event partner Runk & Pratt, the City of Lynchburg and Bedford County to host the first ever PDGA World Championship in the Commonwealth of Virginia." — Nate Heinold

2024 PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships


Brewer Park will be in play at 2024 Am Worlds in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Photo: Zac Sherman

  • Received two bids
  • 2023 Location: Peoria, IL. USA
  • 2022 Location: Evansville, IN. USA
  • 2021 Location: Orlando, FL. USA

At the 2018 Fall Summit, the PDGA Board of Directors yielded a change to the organization’s World Championship formats, as age-based divisions for both the amateur and professional fields will be combined into a shared Masters Disc Golf World Championship event starting in 2022. The new format will mean the annual Amateur Disc Golf World Championships will only include the Advanced and Advanced Women’s divisions. Younger disc golfers will continue to compete in the Junior Disc Golf World Championships, and the Open and Open Women’s PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championship will remain its own showcase tournament.

The 2024 PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships will be held in Grand Rapids, MI. USA.

Conner Hicks of the West Michigan Sports Commission has paired with “the Disc Baron,” Jacob Stahl, to Host the 2024 PDGA Amateur World Championships. Both the WMSC and Disc Baron were primary contributors to the 2017 Masters World Championship that was held in Grand Rapids. The courses proposed for use are Earl Brewer Park, Fallasburg Park, GR Rotary North DGC, and Johnson Park, all used during the 2017 event.

In addition to Jacob Stahl and John Norkowski (TD of the 2017 Masters Worlds event), numerous disc golf organizations and clubs in the Greater Grand Rapids area will play a role in hosting the 2024 Amateur Worlds. In addition to the LOC, the West Michigan Sports Commission, Grand Rapids City of Special Events, City of Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation Department, Plainfield Township, and Kent County Parks and Recreation Department will all play a hands-on role in ensuring the championship is a success.

The event in 2017 was well executed, so this team has a proven track record. The courses are appropriate for Am Worlds, and the local organizing committee (LOC) is proposing a bevy of weekly activities. Knowing that tee times would be utilized, they created both daytime and evening activities so participants would always be engaged. Grand Rapids is an area flooded with disc golf, and the LOC has selected the best of what Grand Rapids has to offer for the Amateur World Championships. The event will take place in the Summer of 2024.

"The West Michigan Sports Commission and our local Disc Golf community are excited to host the 2024 PDGA Amateur World Championships.  We successfully hosted the Masters Disc Golf World Championships in 2017 and our love of Disc Golf and growth of the sport locally has only increased since then.  The competitors in the 2024 PDGA Amateur World Championships will find a very welcoming community and quality courses to compete on.  When not competing, West Michigan and the Greater Grand Rapids area offers an abundance of night life, dining options, brewery tours and access to our beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline only 35 minutes from downtown Grand Rapids.”  — Mike Guswiler, President, West Michigan Sports Commission

2024 PDGA Masters Disc Golf World Championships




Emporia Country Club, Jones Park and Peter Pan Park will be in play at 2024 Masters Worlds in Emporia, Kansas. Photos: DGPT / DD

  • Received two bids
  • 2023 Location: Flagstaff, AZ. USA
  • 2022 Location: Peoria, IL. USA
  • 2021 Location: Johnson City, TN. USA

The 2024 PDGA Masters World Championships will be held in Emporia, Kansas, USA.

Jackie Morris and the Dynamic Discs Events Team submitted an incredible proposal in cooperation with the Emporia Main Street Convention and Visitors’ Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, Dynamic Discs, and many local businesses. The proposed courses are the Emporia Country Club, Jones Park, Peter Pan Park, and many more of the area courses that have helped to make Emporia the disc golf destination it is.

“Emporia is well-known for running one of the largest PDGA events in the world, the Dynamic Discs Open, but our iconic disc golf courses also have a Major championship history.”

Indeed, this team is no stranger to hosting large, premier events. This will be the second time the mid-state enclave hosts the Master’s divisions for a world championship, with the last time coming in 2016 for professional players as part of Pro Worlds and in 2013 for the AMS, then part of AM Worlds.  For three consecutive years (2018, 2019, and 2021), they pioneered the standalone PDGA Junior World Championships. In 2022, they ran a Pro Worlds for the ages. It is time for the Master’s disc golf community to experience the top-class hospitality and disc golf courses that Emporia has used to establish its reputation as some of the strongest organizers in disc golf.

The PDGA Masters Disc Golf World Championships in Emporia will take place in the Summer of 2024. As part of a multi-year arrangement, Emporia will host the 2025 PDGA Junior Disc Golf World Championships.

"Dynamic Discs and the city of Emporia are thrilled to host another Major! We have not hosted a Masters Major, so I look forward to making this group feel special throughout their time in Emporia. It is a fantastic opportunity for our community and the local disc golf scene. Disc golf is a sport for everyone; this exposure could get more people to play. Competitors can expect a one-of-a-kind disc golf experience dedicated to them, whether on or off the course. Dynamic Discs considers its audience and ensures the fine details of its events have the attention they deserve. We will also work with the Emporia community to have ancillary events because it's just not an Emporia event without them!" — Jackie Morris

2024 PDGA Junior Disc Golf World Championships


McClure Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma will host 2024 Junior Worlds.



The Blackhawk course is a staple of Tulsa disc golf.

  • Received four bids
  • 2023 Location: Peoria, IL. USA
  • 2022 Location: Peoria, IL. USA
  • 2018-2021 Location: Emporia, KS. USA

The 2024 PDGA Junior Disc Golf World Championships will be held in Tulsa, OK. USA.

The Tulsa Disc Sports Association (TDSA) produced this proposal in conjunction with the Tulsa Sports Commission to run the 2024 PDGA Junior World Championships. The proposed TD of the event is Kyle Gibson, with support from Jason Schwake, Joe Rotan, Chuck Bayless, and Sean Winn, as well as the entire TDSA. This core team has helped to run no less than ten premier PDGA events (either a Major or Elite) in the last three years alone. Courses to be used are McClure Park, O’Brien Park, Twin Bridges, Blackhawk DGC, Hunter Park, Haikey Creek Park, Chandler Park (both Moose and Bear courses), and a new facility at Post Oak Lodge.

The proposed courses are appropriate for Junior divisions, from shorter, 9-hole courses to long and challenging 18-hole courses. Post Oak Lodge adds excitement, boasting myriad ancillary activities, including zip lines, an adventure park, pools, and more. Post Oak will play host to the Field Events, player check-in, and more, and all activities will be available for event participants. The OK Aquarium, the Tulsa Zoo, and the Gathering Place all add to the area attractions that are perfectly catered to the junior players and their families.

Since Junior Worlds broke out from AM Worlds to run on its own in 2018, the event has only occurred in two locations (Emporia and Peoria). Tulsa is located in the heart of the US, making it a very accessible location for travelers worldwide. We are excited to welcome athletes and their families to Tulsa in July of 2024, providing participants (many repeat attendees) an opportunity to visit a different community and compete on their beautiful courses.

"To be awarded the 2024 PDGA Junior World Championships is a tremendous honor and a responsibility Tulsa Disc Sports Association (TDSA) will hold to its highest standards.  Hats off to all past and present disc golfers that have committed 40+ years ensuring Tulsa Disc Golf maintains its strong reputation as a disc golf destination. TDSA looks forward to continuing that reputation and showcasing what Tulsa has to offer, not only on its disc golf courses but through the leadership and dedication of the community and city as a whole. Players, spectators and travel partners can expect an unforgettable experience as we have coordinated with the Tulsa Sports Commission, local municipalities and private sponsors to guarantee a quality tournament and a week full of entertainment." — Kyle Gibson

2024 PDGA United States Women’s Disc Golf Championship


The USWDGC will return to Texas in 2024. Photo: Mint Discs

  • Received five bids
  • 2023 Location: Burlington, NC. USA
  • 2022 Location: Madison, WI. USA
  • 2021 Location: Rocklin, Auburn, Orangevale, CA. USA

It is important to note that beginning in 2015, key members of the PDGA Women’s Committee have been involved in the review process to provide insight and feedback on these bids to the PDGA Staff and BoD. The goal is to not only select the best bidder as host of the event but also to identify the “hotbeds” of Women’s disc golf, effectively having a positive impact on the attendance and prestige of the event while also offering geographic variance from year to year.

The 2024 PDGA United States Women’s Disc Golf Championship will take place in Round Rock, TX. We had a new team bid on USWDGC this year, which is always exciting. This proposal was submitted by Mint Discs CEO Zachery Jansen and Wildflower Tour Director Krissie Fountain, with support from a bevy of well-known athletes and tournament directors, including Des Reading, Stephanie Vincent, Andi Young, Patty Justice, Renae Farr, and State Coordinator Mitch Justice. Seven courses are proposed for use, with the featured (FPO) courses listed as Old Settlers Park and a new course at Mint Discs Headquarters. The other courses in the rotation would be appropriate for all other divisions, with backup options as needed. For context, at the end of 2021, Texas had more PDGA members than any other state in the US.

This is a well-thought-out and constructed proposal, and the LOC lists various social events that are appropriate for this demographic. They strongly desire to bring all competitors together after each day of competition to celebrate their community. The “Wildflower Tour” is being introduced in 2023 as a promotion tool for women’s disc golf and the USWDGC, so keep an eye out for those events in 2023.

This team will offer participants ample opportunity to celebrate women in disc golf together, a primary intent of this unique event. They want the 2024 USWDGC to be situated amidst the typical TX swing of the DGPT to attract the best players in the world and capitalize on spectator opportunities.

This is a new era for Women’s disc golf, as female-only events and Tours have been popping up regularly around the Globe. The addition of the PDGA Women’s Global Event in 2014 and the PDGA October Women’s Initiative has only strengthened female representation within the PDGA and the sport of disc golf. Understanding the quality and appropriateness of the courses, the capabilities of the Host Team, and the ever-developing female disc golf scene in the area, we are excited for the USWDGC to run in Texas in 2024.

"Back in 2011, Old Settlers Park was the home for the US Women’s Disc Golf Championships so bringing this event back to Central Texas means a lot to our local community. Texas has been home to some of the most impactful women to ever play this sport, like Andi Young, Des Reading & Paige Pierce. Plus right now it has more than 500 Women as active PDGA members, with 11 of those Women ranking inside the top 60 in the world.

Add in popular women’s only events like the WTF Open, Texas Women's Championships and the newly formed Wildflower Disc Golf Tour, and it’s clear the Austin area has the resume to make this a memorable and fun event for all competitors. Our goal for 2024 is to host 400+ women on some of the best courses in the Austin area, with Old Settlers again being the main venue for the event.

Additionally the Central Texas area offers a wonderful mix of activities, hotels, nightlife & restaurants that all participants and spectators will be able to enjoy outside of competition. We can’t wait to see you all in 2024!" — Zach Jansen

2024 PDGA Tim Selinske United States Masters Championships


Buckhorn DGC will be in play for the 2024 U.S. Masters Championships in North Carolina. Photo: Becky Urani



The views are plentiful at Diavolo DGC in North Carolina. Photo: Becky Urani

  • Received five bids
  • 2023 Location: Eugene, OR. USA
  • 2022 Location: Quad Cities, IL. /IA. USA
  • 2021 Location: Columbia, MO. USA

The 2024 PDGA Tim Selinske US Masters Championships will be contested in Raleigh, North Carolina. Jason Philbeck of the Greater Raleigh Sports Alliance worked with Jay Pontier, President of the Capital Area Disc League (CADL), to produce this proposal. The LOC consists of a bevy of experienced and trained TDs, many of whom have served in that capacity for at least one previous PDGA Major (most in Charlotte for Am Worlds 2018). There are six courses available for use. The featured course will be either Western Cary (Diavolo) DGC or Eagles Talon DGC. Diavolo is highly rated and offers a nice flow for competition. Eagles Talon will be installed in 2023, with several test events planned in 2023. The bid provides variance in courses, and although they are pretty spread out across Raleigh, careful scheduling will mitigate any concern about travel demand. This team has expressed their flexibility and desire to work alongside PDGA to make it a memorable experience for all participants.

A bevy of ancillary activities bolsters this proposal, which is age-appropriate and varied. There is strong support from Greater Raleigh Sports Alliance, a division of the Greater Raleigh CVB, the local tourism department, to include hotel support, visitor services, welcome signage, marketing, volunteer recruitment, community support, and more.

The varied course set, the strength of the organizing team, and the weekly activities schedule will be highlighted in 2024. The competition will offer qualified, age-based players the opportunity to compete for a national title and enjoy the Raleigh area's culture and diversity. We do not doubt that Tim Selinske himself will be smiling down on the players as another Major PDGA competition is hosted in his honor in 2024.

"I am so excited and blessed to establish a monumental tournament of this caliber in the capital area of North Carolina as our first Major event. I am humbled to be the Tournament Director and follow in the footsteps of so many incredible predecessor TDs. Our local organizing committee will be hyper focused on bringing an exceptional player experience during this storied event and we hope Tim Selinske will be proud the PDGA has chosen us as the 2024 venue. 

The Capital Area Disc League disc golf community, along with the Greater Raleigh Sports Alliance, Falls Lake State Park, The Town of Cary, The Town of Holly Springs, Harris Lake County Park, & the City of Raleigh, will be poised to unveil our beautiful courses, southern hospitality, and host this amazing PDGA major event. 

I look forward to this golden opportunity to direct the Tim Selinske United States Masters Championship in 2024 and strategic and tactical preparedness starts now!" — Jay Pontier

2024 PDGA Champions Cup


W.R. Jackson will test the best of the best at the 2024 PDGA Champions Cup in Appling, Georgia. Photo: Kevin Huver / DGPT

  • 2023 Location: Appling, GA. USA
  • 2022 Location (inaugural event): Appling, GA. USA

Disc golf is growing, and so are the opportunities for the sport’s elite players to claim one of its most coveted prizes: a PDGA Major Championship Title. In early 2021, the PDGA Board of Directors approved the PDGA Champions Cup, which, along with the PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships, European Open, and USDGC/USWDGC, is the fourth pro major championship on the annual disc golf calendar. The IDGC and PDGA staff are coordinating with Columbia County administrators to make this event an annual stalwart on tour. On October 31- November 3, 2024, the IDGC will feature the world’s top MPO and FPO players competing in four rounds of traditional stroke play.


Please join us in offering our congratulations and support to the host communities of these PDGA Major Events and the many other communities that displayed tremendous effort to produce a bid package to Host a PDGA Major in 2024. We also would like to extend our gratitude to the communities hosting other PDGA Major events throughout the year, e.g., the European Open, the United States Disc Golf Championship in Rock Hill, South Carolina, the College Disc Golf National Championship, and the United States Amateur Disc Golf Championship in Milford, Michigan.

On behalf of the PDGA Staff and Board of Directors, we can’t express enough gratitude to the many communities that sent us a proposal to host a Major in 2024. We understand the amount of time, effort and resources it requires, and we were impressed by the quality and individuality of the bids this cycle. With so many strong proposals from which to choose, we are excited for the future of these pinnacle events in our sport. 2024 will prove to be a special year, and we look forward to working with the local organizing committees to create an experience our members and fans will never forget.

Specific dates for these PDGA Majors will be finalized shortly and available on the PDGA website in the coming weeks. We look forward to another exciting year in 2024 and hope to see you on the course!


Submitted by tuminoid on

PDGA President awards Worlds to himself. Well done PDGA, way to grow the sport. FIFA is not the organization you want to mimic.

I don't get the FIFA vibe. FIFA is all about the money.
In disc golf we are a big family after all. So it should be more of a "the godfather" thing.

Submitted by Cygnus6 on


How many majors did Nate Heinold run before he became PDGA president? Answer: 0

He has run 6 since then... and how many more now?

If the PDGA president being awarded so many majors isn't an obvious conflict of interest, what is? Weird how this coincides with him passing his anti-trans agenda. Was this his reward from the owner of the DGPT?

Is there an ethics subcommittee for the PDGA such that collusion and Trump-style leadership can be investigated?

Submitted by LionHeart on

So…what did we learn today in class, kids?
If you want something, you don’t have to work hard for it… you just have to be placed in a position of authority so you can then take advantage of said authority.
Nate heinold is trash 🗑️

Submitted by Collberg on

Why don’t you call it North American Championships instead of Worlds? Let’s face it, PDGA will never give Worlds to any other continent. A lot of European players are considering leaving the PDGA now.

To all the above haters with no appreciation for the time, the work, and the worry that goes in to these events. I hope your go to driver ends up in the middle of a fast moving river.

To all the people responsible for making these wonderful events happen, from executive decision makers to course spotters to local clubs who maintain the courses, thank you thank you and thank you! See you in Emporia in 2024!

Submitted by Cygnus6 on

If you play better than 863, you don't really have to worry about discs going into rivers....


Mr. Lang, you're fighting hate with hate-although I personally don't consider either opinion hate.. Cygnus brings up a very relevant angle on this process. Unfortunately, with the amount of $$ in our beloved sport, we are primed to join the great American system of preferential treatment, closed door deals,and yes...corruption. With the majority of us with our heads in the sand, we'll see more of this, so hats off to Cygnus for trying to open eyes to this possibility (or in some eyes, including my own, the probability). The ledgestone folks and the DD team have done great things, but may possibly be receiving preferential treatment. For a lot of us old schoolers, the overly vocal conservative christian/homophobic element in our sport is not necessarily appreciated, although tolerated in the name of inclusiveness that we've always strived for. Emporia has decent courses, but is the most boring place to spend a week if you're interested in any fun ancillary activities ( although it's nice when an 80 yr old lady rolls down the window of her cadillac and asks you how your game is going). My point is that we need a diverse group of people involved in all our decision making-especially major (no pun intended) decisions. Disc golf as a whole needs to embrace our beautiful history of free-spirited and slightly rebellious passionate renegades. "hippie sport" doesn't scare or offend me, and I enjoy reminding people none of us would be here without those fun-loving (dare I say stoners) who paved the path, so let's encourage equal representation of our diversity as we forge ahead. Peace (or shall i say god bless). Tom Carrillo #12809 Tabernash, Co. (one of the "legal" states.