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MVP Disc Sports Supporting PDGA 100k Members Milestone with Collectors Edition Discs

With just over 200 more new members needed to hit the incredible milestone of PDGA member #100000, the race is officially on! As the provider of both the 2017 and the 2018 new member disc and mini, MVP Disc Sports has doubled down on their dedication to helping the PDGA expand by designing a 100k Members Collector's Edition custom-stamp for their MVP Tesla (distance driver) in Neutron Plastic

Reaching member #100000 has been a journey of nearly 42 years, but the growth the PDGA has seen in the last decade is something perhaps never even dreamed of by "Steady" Ed Headrick #001 himself, the Father of Disc Golf and founder of the PDGA. To put it into perspective, at the end of 2005, a span of 30 years, the latest PDGA member number assigned was #28465. That's an average of 948 new members per year. By the time member #100000 is assigned, which could be any day now, an additional 71,535 new members will have joined; an average of 6,654 new members per year in just the last 11.75 years!  

MVP Disc Sports Marketing Manager and Team MVP Manager, Steve Hollaway, is fully onboard and has made the following statement.

"At its core, MVP Disc Sports has always believed in the evolution and support of disc golf, and the PDGA has been the overmold that brings that all together. We are proud to support the PDGA with the creation of the 100k collector edition disc and proud to announce that MVP is the official 2018 PDGA new member disc and mini. 

The PDGA 100k stamp represents the past, present, and future of the organization. Our disc golf community is strong and flourishing because of the roots cultivated by disc golfers who came before us. Upon this foundation we enjoy a unified culture bound by a love of disc golf, existing as one body made up of many people. Only one leaf is shown within the tree, and this is #100k, representing the growth of the PDGA one person at a time."

Thank you to MVP Disc Sports for creating this awesome collector's edition stamp and thank you for their continuing support as the new member disc provider once again for 2018. An RFP for the 2019 new member discs will be released on in the summer of 2018.

*Note: 100k Collector's Edition discs are available in limited quantity at official MVP Disc Sports retailers as well as the International Disc Golf Center pro shop, and are not part of new membership packages.    


Image of the MVP Disc Sports driver available to all new PDGA members for 2018.


The collector edition disc will be available. Here is more information from MVP:

The stamp on the left will be a 1 of 2, with 1 going to the member who is fortunate enough to get member number 100k, and one going to the Disc Golf Hall of Fame Museum. On the right is the community collectors edition. MVP will make the collector edition available to the community through our normal retail channels with our next newsletter release.