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An Unforgettable Experience

Disc Golf Hall of Fame member Dave Greenwell demonstrates proper putting technique in China. Photo: Brian Hoeniger

Thursday morning Team Prodigy members Will Schusterick and Dave Greenwell had the privilege of introducing disc golf to some truly beautiful people in Ningpo, China, an exercise in basic skills transfer that they will cherish as one of the highlights of their long careers in disc golf.

The members of Zhongxin Yangguang Yizhan group were born with an extra chromosome, which results in such conditions as Down and Triple X syndromes. Some were more affected by their conditions than others, and each one was truly a unique and wonderful personality.

As they strived to throw their disc into the basket, their “disadvantages” seemingly disappeared. The level of focus and effort they displayed was remarkable. They even applauded and high fived each other whenever a throw nestled in the chains, whether the disc was launched from the designated mark or if the person opted to advance next to the basket in order to ensure they succeeded in their goal.

The joy and love etched on the faces of their teacher, Mrs. Yang, and Mr. Chenren from Yikun Discs as they facilitated the workshop, served as another profound indicator of the rewards of giving selflessly to others and to the sport. Hopefully the photos included here convey to you some sense of what we experienced today.

The team has since driven 300 miles north to the Huanghai National Forest Park in Jiangsu province, where Greenwell and Schusterick are designing the layout for Sunday’s landmark first PDGA Tour event in China. Stay tuned for more news and images from this historic visit to the land of dragons.

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Mrs. Yang (top, far left) works with a group, while Will Schusterick (bottom) teaches another. Photos: Brian Hoeniger


Submitted by rondpitt on

Kudos to PDGA, Brian, David, Will, and team! Kiddos and adults with Trisomy 21 (Downs syndrome) have so much to teach us ----- and love learning new things. Our youngest, Ryan has DS and has been playing DG for years. As a life-long Novice he has played in more than 15 PDGA tournaments. He says all the time, "I think this time I will play Open with Will". 😀

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