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'Out Of The Goodness Of His Heart'

USWDGC Tournament Director Tim Barr. Photo: NETTA

By Gavin Andrews Special to

Tim Barr, the 2017 United States Women’s Disc Golf Championship tournament director, was recently recognized as the 2017 Volunteer of the Year at the Pinnacle Awards held in Kingsport, Tennessee. First organized in 1997, the Pinnacle Awards, which are hosted by Northeast Tennessee Tourism Association, pay tribute to and honor outstanding professionals and volunteers in the tourism industry. Barr was nominated as Volunteer of the Year by the Johnson City Convention and Visitors Bureau, who worked closely with him during the process of bidding on and hosting the event.

Barr went far above and beyond what was expected of him. He poured his heart into the event, enduring hundreds of hours of work, countless sleepless nights, and far too many blisters, bruises, and bee stings over the course of more than two years, all in the name of the sport and his community. Even when the CVB presented him with a small stipend to offset his personal expenses, he turned around and donated that money to the event to use as a prize. He, quite literally, gave everything he could.

PDGA staff took notice of his work ethic and commitment to the sport, as well.

“Tim has the ability to convey his needs without coming across as overbearing or demanding,” PDGA Director of Operations Michael Downes said. “He delegates with authority, yet also with sensitivity to the needs of his staff and the event, while keeping two basic but important factors at the forefront of his planning: safety of all involved, and encouragement to enjoy the fellowship of competition and convention.

“He does all of this out of the goodness of his heart,” Downes continued, “and not to receive a paycheck or even these types of awards or accolades.”

In addition to the Volunteer of the Year recognition, the Johnson City Convention and Visitors Bureau was also awarded Best New Event for the 2017 USWDGC, which hosted 158 players, shattering the previous attendance record. “Beyond the economic impact of this event – which is substantial – the impact made on the community through improved facilities, media exposure, and bolstered relationship with the PDGA will continue to benefit the citizens of Johnson City and all disc golfers in our region,” Gavin Andrews, Director of Sport Development for the Johnson City Convention and Visitors Bureau, said.

Congratulations to all the volunteers, Johnson City, and especially Tim Barr!


Congrats!!! This was an amazing tournament and very well run. I enjoyed the courses so much I made the almost 4 hour drive back to Johnson city, TN over Memorial Weekend and played Winged Deer again with my family.

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