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50 in 50

Disc golf enthusiast Larry Clifford Kirk #45472 is planning a new adventure to spread the word of disc golf.

In 2012, Larry traveled to all 50 states, for the second time, to continue his ambassadorship for the sport. 

Stories of Kirk’s travels surfaced from news sources all over the country: Soldiering on for Disc Golf, Disc Golf Player on Cross Country Tour, and Man spreads love of disc golf with U.S. tour are just a few of the articles posted from Kirk’s 2012 adventure. 

Larry is known for his high energy, dedication, and ambitious goals, so it was no surprise to his family and friends when this year he decided to take his disc golf cross country tour to the next level. Kirk is calling his tour: “50 in 50,” which is appropriately named as Kirk’s plan is to play disc golf in all 50 states in 50 days. 

“I really want to just promote the game of disc golf. I don’t know how else to do it but just get out and travel. I’m just one person. I’m trying to get the word of disc golf out, because I’m pretty passionate about it,” Kirk says.

Larry is waiting on his orders from the military before setting the official start date for his tour. The one thing he knows for certain is the 50 day tour will overlap with the United States Disc Golf Championship in October. 

Larry is currently sponsored by Rip Disc but is looking for more support with his goal of 50 in 50. Please email Larry with questions or sponsorship information. Larry will be posting his journey on his Facebook page as well as his website Soldiering on for Disc Golf.