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Larry Kirk

Larry Kirk

When you become passionate about a sport, hobby, job, or travel adventure, nothing will stop you from accomplishing your goal! That was the case for me in 2013. My name is Larry Kirk #45472 and for the third time, I traveled the 50 states playing disc golf at every disc golf course possible across the country. This is my unique way of promoting one of my passions to the public and bringing awareness of disc golf to the regular Joe on the streets, or whomever I meet anywhere along the way.

“50 in 50”, the final frontier. This is the voyage of Captain Larry Kirk. His 50 day mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new players and new courses, to boldly do what no man has done before. 

On August 12, Larry will begin his 50 in 50 disc golf journey of the United States. This will be Larry’s 3rd time traveling to all 50 states, but his first time attempting to play all 50 states in 50 days. Larry mission is to help disc golf become more popular by traveling and spreading his love and ambassadorship for the sport. 

Disc golf enthusiast Larry Clifford Kirk #45472 is planning a new adventure to spread the word of disc golf.