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Players Cup Brackets

The stars are aligning on the 2010 Player’s Cup. With eight of the top ten players, this is one of the premier events of the season. Being held in sunny Ocala, FL on November 19-21, 2010, and having live video coverage with commentary from Billy Crump and Liz Carr, this will be one event you do not want to miss. If you're near Ocala, come watch in person. If not, watch online at

But first, get in on the action!

   1. Watch the Player’s Cup Bracket Show: On Sunday, October 24th at 10 PM EDT, the bracket pairings will be picked. Find out who Nikko, Feldberg, Climo, McCabe, Brinster and all the other players will be facing off in their first match – and who they might face if they win. Watch the live Player’s Cup Bracket Show at

   2. Pick your bracket: On Sunday, October 24th, after the Bracket Show, we will be posting the Player’s Cup Bracket where you can make your bracket picks, online. Compete with your friends for bragging rights. Win prizes. Get your office mates in on the action. Just like March Madness, anyone can fill out a bracket.

Help us spread the word: Facebook, Tweet, email, call, visit with your friends. Talk it up at league, at school, at the dairy. With your help, we can get the word out about our live coverage and get people excited. The more people that compete in the bracket, the faster the sport will grow. You want to help the sport grow? Watch the live broadcast and tell your friends to watch it too. We don’t need your money (although we’ll be happy for the support), what we need is your attention and for you to make sure you support our sponsors. They make all this possible, because you should want their products.

So …

If you like to pick brackets, watch the bracket show at which airs on Sunday, October 24th at 10 PM EDT

If you want to grow the sport, watch the live broadcast and tell your friends to watch. And buy products from our sponsors.

Thanks for your support, let’s blow the roof off this sport!