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After years of trying to come up with ideas on how to help grow the number of women in the Disc Golf community, I was given a great opportunity from my sponsor, KEEN footwear. As a KEEN sponsored player, we were each given 50 discs in 2010 to sell for a $20 donation to a Disc Golf charity or organization of our choice. Without hesitation, I knew I wanted to give something to the women.
I had many ideas of where to donate my money, but no women’s organization was solid enough to truly give $1000 to. Reality set in and I realized that I had money for an organization, but I had to be the one to start that organization. For years, I have thought about creating a website just for women to help spread the word about Women's Disc Golf. With the immense help from my IT guy, Nate Doss, I was able to collaborate my ideas and create the site !
I officially launched the site on July 6, 2011 and have been getting a great response from the visitors. One of the main attractions is for the contest I am running with the remaining KEEN disc funds. is giving away a travel voucher worth $400 plus paid entry into the United States Women’s Disc Golf Championship to one lucky Disc Golf woman. This woman is to be nominated by her peers because she has given back to the sport, helps promote women’s Disc Golf, or is just a great sportsperson. For more details on this great opportunity, please visit the website and nominate your favorite female Disc Golfer!
This website is just a stepping-stone to help generate more knowledge and communication within the Women’s Disc Golf community. The features on the site include a calendar of women-only events, instructional articles about mental game, disc golfing moms, and technique as well as video bios of the top women Disc Golfers around the world. Another unique feature to the site is the Women's League Directory. Women are able to register their women's league and post their schedule to attract more members. Women on the site are then able to search the directory by city, state, or zip code and find the closest women's league near them. Like I say on the site, “You don’t have to be a touring professional, you don’t have to play every day, but if you love Disc Golf this site is for you”!

Val Jenkins