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Women's Tournaments "Spring"ing into 2013

With the rapid-growing women’s disc golf scene, the PDGA Women’s Committee is proud to cover two women’s tournaments happening the weekend of April 20-21, 2013: Texas Women’s Championship and Daisy Chains Women's Tournament. Being the two largest states in the country they also have the first and second highest numbers of female PDGA members, so it seems only right that they host the first women-only tournaments of 2013. The “TWC” is like a seasoned veteran, whereas Daisy Chains is coming back with more experience after a solid rookie year.

As TWC enters its 9th year, “it's very humbling knowing this event has played such a vital role in the growth of women's disc golf [especially in Texas]. It feels great to be involved in such a movement,” says Ed Coffey the TD for the upcoming tournament. TWC will be played at the Williamson County Regional Park (aka “Wilco”) in Round Rock, TX. Wilco has been the hosting course for previous TWCs as well as the 2011 United States Women’s Disc Golf Championship.

Liz Dorries Putting
Liz Dorries putting at the 2011 United States Women's Disc Golf Championship at Wilco DGC

Vinnie Miller and Ed Coffey have been working together for the past 10 years to build TWC to what it is today. Many people in the community have stepped up to help out, especially both of their immediate families, as well as the Double R Disc Golf Club. The local clubs have a great attitude that has increased the amenities for the event tenfold.  The clubs come together to set up girlie stations throughout the course to supply the ladies with beverages, snacks, and prizes from their club. Ed says to mention that the player’s packs are looking huge this year.

Besides the “girlie stations,” this tournament was built for the ladies of all skill levels so they can come together and experience the growth of the sport. There is also a juniors division but at TWC the juniors play during lunch so that the ‘big girls' can watch and support them. Lunch is provided by the local women’s club, Women Throwing Frisbees, on Saturday, as well a player’s party at Westside Alehouse Saturday evening where local clubs can set up a fly mart.

On the west coast, the Daisy Chain’s staff is preparing just the same for the 2nd annual tournament at Pinto Lake Championship Disc Golf Course in Watsonville, California. “The community here in the Monterey Bay is really supportive of women’s disc golf. It is very uplifting to see the excitement of the men coupled with the get-it-done attitude of the women,” notes tournament director, Christine Hernlund. 

Daisy Chains Group Photo
2012 Daisy Chains Group Photo

“The first Daisy Chains in 2012 really united the Tahoe, Sacramento, and Santa Cruz ladies, and I hope that some more regions can join us this year,” Christine comments. The momentum of women’s disc golf has really grown in Northern California, and the ladies have joined forces to make it all happen. This year’s Daisy Chains will be the first tournament within the “Poppy Series,” a five-tournament women’s tour happening throughout Northern California and Nevada. If you live on the west coast, it is suggested you check out the “Poppy Series” schedule and be a part of this truly groundbreaking women’s tour.

A fun sidegame that happens at Daisy Chains is the West Coast Ladies League competition. Because there are so many women’s leagues on the west coast, Christine decided to give them the opportunity to come together and compete against one another. Each team is made up of four women and will compete on nine holes for a trophy and bragging rights for the rest of the year. 

At Daisy Chains, the staff encourages ladies to come for the friendly competition and stay for the unique experience. The Daisy Chains course layout  is designed to make it competitive and fun for all players. Lunches are provided and served up by locals and multiple world champions. Special events and games will be happening all weekend. “There are surprises around every corner and an attention to detail that makes this event special,” adds Christine. 

Texas Women’s Championship and Daisy Chains mark the first Women’s events of 2013. We hope that you ladies will help the growth of these great events by supporting or attending these or one of the events this year. Keep an eye out for these and future women’s tournaments through the PDGA Women’s Page

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