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Amateur World Doubles Championship

Amateur World Doubles Championship

The 25th running of the Amateur World Doubles Championship came to an end today at the beautiful Selah Ranch complex in Talco, TX. After a rough start to the weekend weather-wise, the sun finally came out to shine down on the doubles teams for their last day of disc golf. The thunderstorms of the days prior meant that a full round would be played by all the teams this morning, instead of a final nine for the top teams in each division.

There's nothing like a good round of doubles. It's the ultimate combination of two of life's greatest things: hanging out with friends and playing disc golf. The truly obsessed disc golfing duos from around the country have gathered this week in Texas for the 25th running of the Amatuer World Doubles Championships, the thid PDGA Major Disc Golf Event of 2015. Hosted by Straight Line Discs on four mind-blowing Houck Design championship disc golf courses, this weekend promises a challenging and exciting environment for the 110+ teams of competitors.

Have you ever been accused of bringing bad weather with you everywhere you go? We have, and we’re on the verge of actually believing it. At the Memorial Championships, the final round was nearly delayed because of torrential downpour that flooded several of the holes at Fountain Hills. A few weeks later at the Texas State Championships, it was so windy that players were opting to lay up their putts even though they were only 10 feet from the chains. When we returned to Texas this past weekend for the 2014 Amateur Doubles World Championships, we wondered if our bad weather curse would continue.

The first PDGA Major event of the year is right around the corner as this weekend kicks off the 2014 PDGA Amateur Doubles World Championships! The tournament itself doesn’t start until Saturday but there are plenty of activities in the days leading up to it that make the Amateur Doubles World Championships one of the most unique and entertaining disc golf events of the year.

The 2014 PDGA Amateur World Doubles Championships is now open for registration! The event will be hosted on four championship level courses in Mt. Vernon, Texas on April 4th, 5th, and 6th. All four of the courses were designed by John Houck (#1688), including the world’s two top-rated courses: Selah Ranch - Lakeside and Selah Ranch - Creekside. The local business community, along with the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce, are looking forward to making this year's event even more memorable for the players. 

Survival was the name of the game today during the final rounds of the 2013 PDGA Amateur World Doubles Championship, as wind gusts topping 30 mph tested the mettle of the competitors throughout the day. Temperatures hovered in the mid 40’s but the wind chill factor made it feel much colder, only adding to the challenge of the Creekside and Lakeside courses at Selah Ranch in Mount Vernon, Texas.

The 2013 PDGA Amateur World Doubles Championship, hosted by Circular Productions and the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce, kicked off on Saturday morning under cloudy and cold conditions.

The tournament had 111 two-person teams competing in three different doubles formats over two days on the John Houck designed Creekside and Lakeside courses at Selah Ranch in Mount Vernon, Texas. Despite the less than optimal conditions, the competitors remained in high spirits and hit the courses at 8:00am for their first of two rounds of 18 holes scheduled for the day.