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pdga staff

pdga staff

Todd Lion has been a tournament director and club president in South Carolina for the last five years. He is now the PDGA's new events assistant. Courtesy photo

The biggest events can come down to the smallest details; an unclear out-of-bounds line here or an ill-defined rules application can take the shine off a tournament.

Luckily, new PDGA events assistant Todd Lion sweats the small stuff.

“When I look for a good event, I’m looking for the on-the-ground execution of the nuts and bolts, the daily grind, the base level requirements for a successful event,” Lion said. “…From my experience as a TD in my area, I think that those are the areas I excel in.”

Left to right: Shawn Sinclair, Steve Hill, Dalton Slantis, Mike Downes

Just as disc golf continues to grow, so do we: The Professional Disc Golf Association is ringing in the new year with some changes and additions to its staff.

These new positions will help us adapt to the increased mission requirements and changing priorities of the PDGA as the sport continues to evolve. Please give everyone a warm welcome!