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Disc Golfer's Code

Disc Golfer's Code

We are happy to announce that StoppaSigns & Engraving LLC is now offering discounted rates to PDGA members when ordering the "Disc Golfer's Code" sign and/or the "Caution: Flying Discs" sign. StoppaSigns, run by Neil Stoppa II, is a Michigan-based company that is currently willing to ship anywhere in the United States.

The first rule of the Disc Golfer’s Code is: "Talk about The Code.”

So far, the positive response from disc golfers worldwide toward the Disc Golf Code has been truly remarkable. By talking about the code, you are promoting the code, and in turn helping to shape the future of our sport. However, it is essential to remember that promoting the education and awareness of the sport should not rely 100% on those that play it.

Our time has come to get serious about having fun: 1. Play Smart; 2. Respect the Course; 3. Represent the Sport.