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Collegiate Disc Golf

Collegiate Disc Golf

As the final day of the 2014 National Collegiate Disc Golf Championship got underway Saturday morning, you could sense the tension and the pressure that only a Collegiate Title could encourage. The players were tentative, going about their morning routine amongst a gamut of destroyed tents and banners and flooded greens from the incessant rain and wind the night prior. Only after the sun had set the night before had the Men’s Individual Title been decided, with Bryan Murphy of Ferris State winning in a dramatic and wet finish. Saturday would see the Women’s Division crown a queen and all divisions were set to square off in the semi and Finals rounds of the Team competition. A busy day of golf indeed.

The 2013-2014 collegiate disc golf season is starting to take shape. Two weeks ago the Great Lakes Collegiate Open kicked it off. The GLCO was not only the first event of the season, but it was also the first of six Premier Qualifiers that award two Bye Seeds to Nationals held in April. The Innova SouthEast Collegiate Open is the second Premier of the year.

The 2013-2014 Collegiate Disc Golf season kicked off on September 14th. The PDGA and Innova Disc Golf are proud supporters of the collegiate disc golf season and are a great help to our tournament directors and our players.

Once again, Flex D.G. will be kicking off the collegiate disc golf season with the Northeastern Collegiate Disc Golf Championship II. This year the NECDGC will be one of six Premier tournaments chosen by the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships to award two teams spots in the 2013 Championship. The question is; will anyone besides Penn State show up to represent the northeastern colleges?  

Congratulations to California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB).

The 6th annual West Coast College  Open  held  at  the  CSUMB  campus  consisted of 5 teams with a total of 47 competitors. The competition was held  on  the  Oaks  Course and utilized the same layout played during the 2011 Disc Golf World Championships. Each school had teams competing in both  the  A  and  B pool. Humboldt State and CSUMB both had female athletes competing in their own singles division for the  women’s champion of the event.   The five schools participating included California State University Monterey Bay, University of Oregon, University of California Santa Cruz, Humboldt State University and California Baptist University.

The singles rounds yesterday yielded some great scores and plays out for a heated competition during today’s team doubles round. The best three of each team’s four singles scores per round counted towards their cumulative team score. After everything was calculated, the race is extremely close. Arkansas and South Carolina are tied at the top with a one throw lead over East Tennessee State. Just two throws behind them is a three team tie among North Carolina State, Georgia, and Western Kentucky. Clemson sitting another two throws behind them and only five strokes out of the lead. The rest of the field has their work cut out for them.

On November 6th and 7th collegiate teams from colleges and universities spanning eight different states and more than 900 miles will be competing in the first ever SouthEast Collegiate Open. Registration filled almost two months before the tournament and the teams have been anxiously waiting ever since. The tournament is going to be hosted at the new-to-fame and raved about course at Flyboy Aviation just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.