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2016 WGE

2016 WGE

Cover Photo: The largest 2016 WGE (97 women), The Chick Flick/Women of DGOD WGE event in North Plains, OR. (Photo Credit: Jessica Boone, PDGA Women's Committee member.)

*NOTE: Results in the article below should be considered tentative, as we are still awaiting scores from Japan.

On behalf of the PDGA, we are proud to announce that the 2016 PDGA Women’s Global Event’s registration is now sitting at 1,400+ participants world-wide, and we still have a few weeks to go! This world-wide women’s tournament consists of smaller satellite events being run on a course near you on May 14, 2016. The details of each event are subject to the Tournament Director, but every event is open and welcoming to female participants of any skill level and of any age. The competitors this year span across 19 PDGA divisions available ranging from 7 years old to 75 years young!

Cover photo by John Hernlund #47075, during the 2014 Women's Global Event in Tokyo, Japan.

Happy New Year from the PDGA Women’s Committee!

We have been steadily working away on the details for the 2016 PDGA Women’s Global Event (WGE) since our Save The Date announcement in November. Thank you to all who have written and have expressed interest and support for the 2016 WGE on May 14th, the third running of this amazing biennial worldwide event!

2015 has been a year of progress filled with major milestones for both disc golf and the PDGA. It’s difficult to sum up all the amazing things that happened this year in a few short paragraphs, and even more difficult to put into words the level of excitement and anticipation we have for the year to come.

Mark your calendars ladies! The PDGA Women’s Global Event (WGE) is officially set for May 14, 2016!

Join us in 2016, as disc golfers and the PDGA continue to encourage more women to head out to their local disc golf courses! On May 14th, Women Global Events will be run around the world simultaneously to “virtually” create the largest women’s tournament on the planet.