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2015 St Jude

2015 St Jude

2015 has been a year of progress filled with major milestones for both disc golf and the PDGA. It’s difficult to sum up all the amazing things that happened this year in a few short paragraphs, and even more difficult to put into words the level of excitement and anticipation we have for the year to come.

Cover Photo By: Dana Vicich #26228

Although there were champions crowned in each of the 11 divisions competing at the inaugural St. Jude Disc Golf Charity Invitational in Seaside, CA this weekend, the real winners weren’t the best disc golfers on the courses. This was a very special disc golf event. One in which the individuals who walked away with victories knew that their wins, although impressive, were but a small part of the bigger picture.

Photo courtesy of Jussi Meresmaa - DiscGolfPark

Last night officially began the celebration that is the St. Jude Disc Golf Charity Invitational. Several representatives from the regional chapter of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital were in attendance last night for the Opening Ceremony and Player’s Meeting, as well as tournament organizers, promoters and nearly 200 competitors playing in the tournament this weekend. Something was different, however.

As soon as videos from the 2015 St. Jude Disc Golf Charity Invitational become available, we will post them here for your viewing peasure.

It's finally here! General registration for the inaugural St. Jude Disc Golf Charity Invitational is starting today, Tuesday March 10th at 3:00pm EDT! If somehow you still haven't heard anything about this amazing new disc golf fundraising event happening May 22nd-24th in Seaside, CA, now is your chance to get caught up, and get signed up.