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Christian Dietrich #27984

Christian Dietrich #27984

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Career Wins

15-Jul-2023Return to the Nest 2023 - Sponsored by Dynamic DiscsMixed Pro OpenC$281
09-Jul to 10-Jul-2022Zoo Town Open Presented by Ink Realty Group and Innova DiscsMixed Pro OpenB$700
16-Apr-2022Queen City Classic Warm-Up Presented by OTB Mixed Pro OpenC$250
21-Aug to 22-Aug-2021Rocky Mountain Championships - Swards driven by Innova Mixed Pro OpenB$625
10-Jul-2021Gene Peterson Montana Memorial Cup Driven by InnovaMixed Pro OpenB$455
24-Aug to 25-Aug-2019Kooky Noosa ChallengeMixed Pro OpenB$510
13-Jul-20192019 Return to the Nest V Sponsored by Dynamic DiscsMixed Pro OpenC$220
26-May to 27-May-20182018 Lilac Country CupMixed Pro OpenB$1,200
05-May to 06-May-2018Spring RunoffMixed Pro OpenB$340
29-Jul to 30-Jul-2017Rocky Mountain Championships presented by SubaruMixed Pro OpenA/B$1,500
03-Jun to 04-Jun-2017Zoo Town Open presented by Ink Realty GroupMixed Pro OpenA/B$1,085
30-Jul to 31-Jul-2016Rocky Mountain Championships presented by SubaruMixed Pro OpenA/B$1,300
16-Jul-2016The Continental ClassicMixed Pro OpenC
07-May to 08-May-2016Down River / ORV OpenMixed Pro OpenB$375
22-Aug to 23-Aug-2015Rocky Mountain Disc Golf Championship presented by SubaruMixed Pro OpenA/B$1,300
16-May-2015Sward's Ranch ClassicMixed Pro OpenC$245
23-Aug to 24-Aug-20142014 Montana State ChampionshipsMixed Pro OpenA/B$1,400
26-Jul to 27-Jul-2014Zoo Town Open presented by Prudential Missoula PropertiesMixed Pro OpenB$750
12-Jul-2014Continental ClassicMixed Pro OpenC$245
10-May-2014Sward's Ranch Classic presented by Team and HDGCMixed Pro OpenC$240
26-Apr-2014Kooky Noosa ChallengeMixed Pro OpenC$285
12-Apr-2014Spring Fling Presented by Team Lumberjack Disc Golf Co.Mixed Pro OpenB$370
20-Jul to 21-Jul-2013Mystery Ranch OpenMixed Pro OpenB$560
13-Jul to 14-Jul-201314th Annual Farragut OpenMixed Pro OpenA/B$900
18-May-2013Spring Classic at Camas HotspringsMixed Pro OpenC$220
04-May-2013Sward's Ranch Classic 2013 presented by Team and HDGCMixed Pro OpenC$175
06-Apr-2013Spring Fling Presented by Billings ClinicMixed Pro OpenC$240
13-Oct-2012Fall Classic at Camas HotspringsMixed Pro OpenC$115
22-Sep to 23-Sep-2012Uberbrew presents The Montana State Championships and Points Series FinalsMixed Pro OpenB$375
08-Sep-2012The Benefit at Lubrecht Presented by the Kind SwineMixed Pro OpenC$215
25-Aug to 26-Aug-2012Mystery Ranch Open presented by and HDGCMixed Pro OpenB$335
28-Jul-2012Continental ClassicMixed Pro OpenC$260
02-Jun to 03-Jun-2012Missoula Prudential Properties presents the Zoo Town OpenMixed Pro OpenB$650
19-May-2012Spring Classic at Camas HotspringsMixed Pro OpenC$225
05-May-2012Sward's Ranch Classic presented by Team and HDGCMixed Pro OpenC$135
28-Apr-20122012 Kooky Noosa Challenge @ Libby DamMixed Pro OpenC$300
17-Sep to 18-Sep-20112011 Montana State Championships and Points Series FinalsMixed Pro OpenB/C$445
27-Aug-2011Benefit at Lubrecht ForestMixed Pro OpenC$190
30-Jul to 31-Jul-2011Mystery Ranch Open at Bohart presented by Team and HDGCMixed Pro OpenB$225
09-Jul-2011Continental ClassicMixed Pro OpenC$275
28-May to 29-May-2011Lilac City OpenMixed Pro OpenA$1,000
21-May-2011Knucknees Open at Camas HotspringsMixed Pro OpenC$150
16-Apr-2011Spring FlingMixed Pro OpenC$320
23-Oct-2010Northern Rockies Challenge Individual PlayMixed Pro OpenC$170
02-Oct-20101st Annual Libby Dam Disc Golf TournamentMixed Pro OpenC$170
18-Sep-2010Farragut OpenMixed Pro OpenC$250
07-Aug-2010The BenefitMixed Pro OpenC$180
10-Jul-2010The 2010 Continental ClassicMixed Pro OpenC$280
28-May to 30-May-2010Beaver State FlingMixed Pro OpenNT$2,660
02-May-2010Farragut Spring Fling 2Mixed Pro OpenC$160
01-May-2010Sward's Ranch Classic presented by Motodom.comMixed Pro OpenC$175
27-Mar-2010Knucknees OpenMixed Pro OpenC$120
29-Aug to 30-Aug-2009Montana State Disc Golf ChampionshipsMixed Pro OpenB$715
11-Jul-2009Continental ClassicMixed Pro OpenC$380
25-Apr to 26-Apr-2009The 2009 Downriver OpenMixed Pro OpenB$290
04-Apr-2009Spring Fling (MT)Mixed Pro OpenC$175
18-Oct to 19-Oct-2008Montana State ChampionshipsMixed Pro OpenB$580
20-Sep-2008The BenefitMixed Pro OpenC$240
13-Sep to 14-Sep-2008The Chris Hurd Memorial City CupMixed Pro OpenB$480
12-Jul-2008The Continental ClassicMixed Pro OpenC$284
26-Apr to 27-Apr-2008Downriver OpenMixed Pro OpenB$270
12-Apr-2008Farragut OpenMixed Pro OpenC$210
08-Sep to 09-Sep-2007Montana State ChampionshipsMixed Pro OpenB$494
12-May-2007Inland Series #4 Zoo Town OpenMixed Pro OpenC$235
07-Oct to 08-Oct-2006Spokane City CupMixed Pro OpenB$389
30-Sep to 01-Oct-2006Montana State ChampionshipsMixed Pro OpenB$540