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NT Points Winners!

Val and Nikko win NT Points Titles

Labor Day weekend and Maple Hill Farm were the time and place of the crowning event of the 2011 National Tour, the Vibram Open. Despite not winning in their respective divisions, both Val Jenkins and Nikko Locastro performed well enough at the Vibram Open to hold onto their NT Point leads to win the National Tour Championships sponsored by Vibram Disc Golf.

Val Jenkins entered the Vibram Open with a perfect 400 points and received 91 points for her third place finish at Maple Hill giving her a total of 491 points to edge out Sarah Hokom for the National Tour title with a $1000 payout and the winner’s trophy. Sarah Hokom won her third straight NT event at the Vibram Open earning 100 points to give her a total of 490 points in the “Drive for the Championship” earning her second place in the NT Series, a trophy and $600. Paige Pierce earned 86.5 points for her tie for fourth at the Vibram which gave her a total of 472.5 points in the series to take third place and $400 to go with her trophy. Catrina Allen also earned 86.5 points for her tie for fourth at the Vibram and combined with her previous points, gave her a total of 448.5 to take fourth in the series winning $250. Liz Lopez’s seventh at Vibram gave her 80 points to finish at fifth in the series winning $100.

In the MPO division, Nikko Locastro finished second at the Vibram Open earning 95 points which was just enough to give him the National Tour Series title winning a trophy and $2000. World Champion Nate Doss won the Vibram Open earning 100 points which fell a single point short of Nikko’s total to earn Nate second place in the series to be awarded a trophy and $1500. Paul McBeth and Paul Ulibarri tied with Steve Brinster for third at the Vibram Open earning 88 points each. This gave McBeth a one-point lead on Ulibarri and they finished third and fourth in the NT series to earn $1000 and $750 respectively.

For full final standings of the PDGA National Tour and “Drive for the Championship” sponsored by Vibram Disc Golf go to: PDGA National Tour