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PDGA Radio Episode 21: Colten Montgomery, Great Lakes Open

Colten Montgomery joins this week's episode of PDGA Radio. Photo: Alyssa Van Lanen

Steve Hill and Sara Lamberson look back at a weekend slate of events that included the Latitude 64 Tynni (2:10) and debate if Paige Pierce’s midseason struggles affect her standing as the favorite to win Worlds (7:20). Colten Montgomery joins the show (17:42) to talk about the Toboggan and friendly rivalries before the hosts preview this weekend’s Great Lakes Open (31:30). With RFPs now out for the 2020 Majors, Steve and Sara propose their dream locations for Pro Worlds (41:10), then close the show with the introduction of this month’s #pdgaradiochallenge (50:00).

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I would love to see the World Championship renamed the PDGA Championship and in a fixed location every year. I think renaming it would align better with what the event is and would mimic ball golf.

The PDGA headquarters would be a logical choice for a fixed location but it is pretty far south, Lemon Lake might be a better choice since it has already hosted a worlds but it's best attribute is it's centrally located. In addition, it has plenty of amenities nearby and only 45 minutes from Chicago. Another good option would be to have two locations, say one in Nevada and one in the Midwest and have them alternate each year.

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