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Last Week for Majors Bids

The deadline for the submission of bids for 2014 & 2015 Major events is this Friday August 31, 2012.

The Professional Disc Golf Association released the Bid Guidelines for PDGA Major Events for events in the years 2014, and 2015 in April and has been receiving bids over the last few months. The PDGA has created these bid guideline packages to assist prospective communities in presenting their case for hosting one of disc golf’s showcase events and lays out the guidelines on how to prepare a bid to host a PDGA Major.

PDGA Major Events are the premier national and international competitions for the sport of disc golf each year, featuring the world’s best men and women disc golfers competing for world and national championship titles in multiple age and gender based divisions. These marquee tournaments offer any city or town the chance to host an international sporting event in their community, drawing interest and attention to the location, and generating economic impact for local businesses.

These bids will be reviewed and awarded by the PDGA Board of Directors at the Fall Summit in September 2012.

We look forward to receiving bids from many great communities and can't wait to see where the sport's biggest events will end up next.

The PDGA has conducted its Major Championship Events in nearly every region of the United States including most recently:

United States Women's Championships

Year City State Players
2003  Peoria  IL  45
2004  Peoria  IL  51
2005  Peoria  IL  76
2006  Peoria  IL  78
2007  Peoria  IL  61
2008  Huntsville 
 AL  68
2009  Quad Cities
 IA  48
2010  Jacksonville  NC  61
2011  Round Rock
 TX  86
2012  Huntsville  AL  --

United States Masters Championships

Year City State Players
2003  La Mirada
 CA  67
2004  La Mirada  CA  66
2005  La Mirada  CA  73
2006  La Mirada  CA  76
2007  La Mirada  CA  85
2008  La Mirada  CA  89
2009  La Mirada  CA  98
2010  Appling  GA  163
2011  Huntsville  TX  186
2012  Louisville  KY  --

PDGA Amateur and Junior World Championships

Year City State Players
2003  Kansas City
 MO  406
2004  Des Moines
 IA  579
2005  Flagstaff
 AZ  379
2006  Tulsa  OK  545
2007  Milwaukee  WI  530
2008  Kalamazoo  MI  482
2009  Kansas City
 MO  595
2010  Marion
 OH  504
2011  Rochester  NY  444
2012  Charlotte  NC  705

PDGA Professional World Championships

Year City State Players
2003  Flagstaff  AZ  336
2004  Des Moines  IA  332
2005  Lehigh Valley  PA  301
2006  Augusta  GA  300
2007  Highbridge  WI  312
2008  Kalamazoo  MI  311
2009  Kansas City  MO  327
2010  Cedar Lake  IN  307
2011  Santa Cruz  CA  432
2012  Charlotte  NC  390