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Valarie Jenkins has been disqualified from the Santa Cruz Masters Cup under sections 3.05C and 3.03B.10 of the PDGA Competition Manual For Disc Golf Events for player misconduct related to her caddie. Those regulations read:

3.05C: Players choosing to use a caddie will be solely responsible for their caddie’s conduct from the two minute warning until the player’s card is turned in. Misconduct by a caddie may subject both the player and caddie to disqualification and/or suspension.

3.03B.10: Possession of alcohol from the start of play until the player’s scorecard is submitted is not allowed. Such possession shall result in immediate disqualification at PDGA events sanctioned at B-Tier or higher. The Tournament Director may, at his sole discretion, elect to issue a warning to the offending player in lieu of disqualification solely at PDGA events sanctioned at C-tier and below. If a player has been previously issued a warning for alcohol possession at the same event, all subsequent violations shall result in immediate disqualification.

Santa Cruz Masters Cup Tournament Director Braden Coolidge issued the following statement:

“This decision weighs heavily, to say the least. Val is one of the most respected players in our sport with contributions that resonate much wider than the casual observer might know. Unfortunately, the definition of the rules are clear in this instance, and they were applied to her as they would be any other player at the tournament."

On Tuesday, May 22, Jenkins issued the following:

"I pulled my mom from the spectating crowd and asked her to caddy for me in the last four holes to finish the second round in which she carried with her an empty beer can in a coozie. I admit that this was a lapse in judgment on my part which could have been handled very differently. I had no intention to break the rules and I apologize to my fellow competitors and fans as this did not show the professional side of the sport in the best light."