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Due to severe flooding at the Hornet’s Nest DGC caused by Wednesday’s extreme weather, Hole 8 at Hornet’s Nest had to be removed from play in concern for the safety of the players in the B-Pool (Advanced). To maintain the integrity of the competition for the Advanced division, this has made it necessary to remove the scores that the A, C, and D Pool players had previously scored on Hole 8 during their rounds on Tuesday and Wednesday. Although a less than an ideal situation, this was deemed a better solution than completely removing all of the MA1 Hornet’s Nest round scores from the competition.

Please remember that the Advanced, Amateur Masters 40+, and Amateur Masters 50+ divisions will be shuffled this evening and competitors in those pools will have a new two-letter pool assignment. The LAST letter in the new pool assignment is the pool that competitor is now assigned to. Example: A pool assignment of BA means the player started in the B-pool and moved up to the A-pool.

The scoring office is diligently working to accurately remove all of the hole 8 scores prior to this evening’s shuffle. Thanks for your patience.