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Gentlemen's Club

Over a decade ago, a group of “Gentlemen” decided to host a little disc golf tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada - known as the Gentlemen’s Club Challenge (or the GCC).  The event became an immediate success, as it just happened to occur between the Wintertime Open, held in southern California, and the Memorial, held in Arizona – thus making it an easy stop for the touring players.  Over the years, the GCC has become one of the leading professional A-Tier PDGA event and had a payout pro over $21,000 in 2010.

Although Las Vegas is often associated with glitz, glamour, and gambling, it also is home to one of the oldest disc golf courses in America (the first six holes were installed at Sunset Park in 1979).  The 2011 Gentlemen's Club Challenge Presented by will continue to meet the player’s expectations as one of the premier events, and will no doubtfully, once again, be one of the top A-Tier events. With over two-dozen 1000+ rated players, the last three USDGC Champions, the last four PDGA Open World Champions, a Grandmaster field that exceeds the Memorial, and an Open cash payout that once again exceed $20,000, the 2011 GCC is an event you don’t want to miss. 

The GCC event is ran much like a National Tour (NT dress code required for the Pro weekend, full-color caddy books, lots and lots of great volunteers), giving participants of the A-Tier a unique experience that will be hard to match anywhere else.  (Oh yeah…and it is in Vegas baby!)  The course layout is a great warm-up for the Memorial (flat, dry, with plenty of out-of-bound lines), and the weather is normally in the 60s or 70s.

The GCC begins with the Am weekend from February 18th - 20th.  The Ams will be treated to a 3-day tournament with tee times and a $35 player’s package.  The course will include 18 holes with an average distance nearing 460 feet, and one being an island hole.  The raffle is always a huge success at the Award Ceremony, and a 135% payback is expected for all the divisions.  Players from at least 15 different states and Canada will be represented at Am weekend showcasing the mass appeal of the GCC.

The following weekend, February 25th – 27th, is when the Pros play.  Familiar touring players Barry Schultz (six-time GCC Champion), Eric McCabe (2010 PDGA World Champion), Will Schusterick (2010 USDGC Champion), Nikko Locastro (2010 Vibram Open and 2010 Japan Open Champion) and David Feldberg (2010 Memorial and 2010 Minnisota Majestic Champion) will be in attendance.  Like the Ams, the course will include 18 holes (one also being an island hole), with an average distance nearing 480 feet for the final round.  The silent auction will be as exciting as ever (includes limited discs from the 1970s and a disc signed by Fred Morrison), and a 150% payback is expected for all the divisions.  Players from at least 24 different states, Canada, France, and Switzerland will be represented at Pro weekend.

Jeff Jacquart and the Las Vegas Disc Golf Club has been growing the GCC since the inaugural event 11 years ago.  “To help put the almost $25,000 purse at stake into perspective, the highly prestigious European Open had an Open cash payout of $19,712 in 2010”, says Jacquart.  “The GCC continues to beat a handful of NTs every year (based on cash payout), and maybe…someday…just maybe…another NT will be added to the west-coast!”
The GCC would like to thank major sponsors and Innova Champion Discs for their support.  Their efforts - a combined sponsorship of over $10,000 - ensures the GCC will be more successful than the previous year, every year.  For more information, please go to