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2009 PDGA National Tour Points Series Final Standings

The final standings of the 2009 National Tour Points Series - Drive for the Championship, presented by Woodchuck Cider are available at

The Women's race is over and Valarie Jenkins was able to secure the National Tour Championship with a solid second place finish at the US Women's DGC. Des Reading and Liz Lopez were able to maintain second and third place in the NT standings but the news of the day was South Carolina's Sarah Stanhope. Sarah won the US Women's Championship and her first place finish took her from sixth to fourth making her the fourth woman to win the title in the past six years. Please see the wrap up article here for more information.

The Men's race is also complete and our 2009 National Tour Champion is Nikko Locastro. Nikko's win at the US Championship gave him the momentum needed to claim the title as he overcame a two throw lead over David Feldberg in the final round. 

NT Trophy