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Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown

Is DeLaveaga one of the most difficult courses on the planet? It absolutely is. Want proof? Look no further than the results from Round 1 of the 2015 “Steady” Ed Memorial Masters Cup.

How many throws under par did someone need to be to finish with a rating of 1000+? Trick question. DeLa is so punishing that even though a majority of the top players in the world played the course today in near-perfect conditions, a final score of one OVER par was rated 1001, unofficially.

When the last putt of a multi-day disc golf event hits the chains, take a look around at the staff and the volunteers. They look pretty happy, right? If you’ve ever ran or helped put on a tournament, you probably know the feeling. The weight being lifted off your shoulders. The joy of knowing that soon you’ll be back home with your family and friends, sleeping comfortably and stress-free. It’s weird to think that after months and months of prep work, all you want once the event finally begins, is for it to end.

Your 2010 Tim Selinske US Masters Champion is Barry Schultz, but his victory didn't come easy.