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2018 Glass Blown Open

2018 Glass Blown Open

Emporians roll out the proverbial red carpet every April for the Glass Blown Open. Photo: Dynamic Discs

What started out a decade and a half ago as an 88-person B-Tier is now the biggest event in disc golf history. And with that distinction comes another accolade for the Dynamic Discs Glass Blown Open, which takes place this week in Emporia, Kansas: It has a nearly $2 million impact on the city it calls home.

Lupe Esquivel is passing on his disc golf wisdom to son Isaiah. Courtesy photos

For 13-year-old Isaiah Esquivel, his Christmas comes in April, as the Dynamic Discs Glass Blown Open takes over his hometown of Emporia, Kansas. That “night before” feeling? Try March.

“I was like that like a month ago, just getting ready,” he said.