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2015 Masters Cup

2015 Masters Cup

26 miles later, we are officially done walking up, down, and across the DeLaveaga Disc Golf Course, as the final round of the 2015 “Steady” Ed Memorial Masters Cup has come to an end. It was another day of perfect NorCal weather for this event, the third stop on the 2015 PDGA National Tour.

On a daily basis, DeLaveaga breaks the spirits of many. But even this beast of a course can be conquered. It’s fair to say that luck plays a factor, sure, but luck won’t get you to the top of the leaderboard in an event like the “Steady” Ed Memorial Masters Cup. If that were the case, the list of previous winners wouldn’t be stacked with some of the most talented disc golfers in the world. Luck can only get you so far. Skill always prevails in the long run.

Is DeLaveaga one of the most difficult courses on the planet? It absolutely is. Want proof? Look no further than the results from Round 1 of the 2015 “Steady” Ed Memorial Masters Cup.

How many throws under par did someone need to be to finish with a rating of 1000+? Trick question. DeLa is so punishing that even though a majority of the top players in the world played the course today in near-perfect conditions, a final score of one OVER par was rated 1001, unofficially.

The 2015 “Steady” Ed Memorial Masters Cup begins this weekend on Friday May 15th, and as usual we couldn’t be more excited. Everything about this event is special: the DeLaveaga Disc Golf Course, the atmosphere, the always amazing tournament staff, and even the city of Santa Cruz itself. The Masters Cup is the third stop on the 2015 PDGA National Tour, meaning the top players from around the world will be on site, tackling the obstacles and elevation changes that DeLaveaga so famously provides.