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2014 RFDO

2014 RFDO

ROCHESTER, NY – In 1974, Jim Palmeri #23 created and ran one of the most important events in the history of disc golf, the American Flying Disc Open. That was 40 years ago, and we’re all still here in Rochester playing the same tournament, although with a slightly different name. What’s even better, Palmeri is still here as well, still competing and doing what he loves. Now referred to as the Rochester Flying Disc Open, the RFDO is arguably the longest running event in disc golf's short history.

Sunday - Final Round - Open Men

Saturday - Round 3 - Open Men

Saturday - Round 3 - Open Men - Hole 1

ROCHESTER, NY – Just because it’s moving day doesn’t mean there has to be a lot of movement. That was certainly the case today during Round 3 of the 2014 Rochester Flying Disc Open. This could perhaps be a result of Parma’s course design, a fantastic layout where players need to hit precise and accurate lines using virtually every type of throw in disc golf to succeed.

ROCHESTER, NY – The biggest arm in women’s disc golf and arguably the biggest arm in men’s disc golf are both in the lead after the first day of the 2014 Rochester Flying Disc Open. The funny thing is, these are some of the shortest courses we’ve played on the PDGA National Tour all year. It just goes to show you that being able to throw far won’t always get you to the top of the lead card. However, it’s certainly nice to have when it’s needed.

ROCHESTER, NY – After months and months of exhausting travel and competition, we’ve arrived to the eighth and final tournament of the 2014 PDGA National Tour Elite Series. The NT Standings have now been updated to include all of the first seven events and everything comes down to the finale event here in Rochester, NY.