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Official Rules of Disc Golf

813.01 Illegal Disc

Last updated: Saturday, December 31, 2022 - 22:59

  1. Discs used in play must be approved by the PDGA and meet all of the conditions set forth in the PDGA Technical Standards. For a list of approved discs, see
  2. Allowed modifications to a disc after production are limited to:
    1. Wear and tear from usage during play;
    2. Moderate sanding to address wear and tear or small molding imperfections;
    3. Marking with dye or permanent marker ink.
  3. Other modifications to a disc after production make the disc illegal, including but not limited to:
    1. Modifying the disc in a way that alters its original flight characteristics;
    2. Excessively sanding the disc;
    3. Etching, carving, or engraving the disc;
    4. Adding a material of a detectable thickness such as paint.
    5. Intentionally deforming a disc such that it is not in a circular, saucer-like configuration.
  4. When night or snow play has been announced by the Director, players are allowed to add a material or device to assist in finding the disc.
  5. A disc which is cracked or has a hole in it is illegal.
  6. A disc that is questioned by another player or an Official is illegal unless it is subsequently approved by the Director.
  7. A player who throws an illegal disc during play receives two penalty throws. A player who repeatedly throws an illegal disc may be subject to disqualification in accordance with Section 3.03 of the PDGA Competition Manual.
  8. All discs used in play, except mini marker discs, must be identifiably marked. A player receives a warning for the first throw of an unmarked disc. A player receives one penalty throw for each subsequent throw of an unmarked disc.