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Erik Hayworth #63399

Erik Hayworth #63399

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Career Wins

04-Mar-2023Flex at the HootMixed Pro OpenC$43
05-Feb-2023Grit Discs Destroyer Tour @ Keizer RapidsMixed Pro OpenC$151
19-Nov-2022Stumptown Slosh at Heider's Hike (Pro)Mixed Pro OpenC$175
15-Oct-20222022 Flood Stage Red XMixed Pro OpenC$164
01-Oct-2022The Golf Club of Oregon Takeover by Kuhl DiscsMixed Pro OpenC$58
02-Apr-2022Kuhl Discs C-Tier #10Mixed Pro OpenC$102
14-Nov-2021Kuhl Discs C-Tier #9Mixed Pro OpenC$73
10-Jul-2021Kuhl Discs FlexMixed Pro OpenC$58
17-Mar-2021Cherryland's St. Patty's Day Flex Start C-TierMixed Pro OpenC$20
28-Feb-2021Pie Five Pop UpMixed Pro OpenC$95
05-Feb-2021Oak knoll friday flex #1Mixed Pro OpenC$86
16-Jan-2021Camp Harlow Winter FlingMixed Pro OpenC$123
01-Jan-2021New Year's Flex at Oak KnollMixed Pro OpenC$87
28-Nov-2020Cherryland's Horning's Hideout Canyon Flex Start C-TierMixed Pro OpenC$40
24-Oct-2020Kuhl Discs C-Tier #4Mixed Pro OpenC$76
23-Sep-2020Cherryland's Oak Knoll Open Fundraiser Flex Start C-TierMixed Pro OpenC$38
16-Aug-2020Shooting the DallasMixed Pro OpenC$129
29-May-2020Cherryland's "Get Back in the Groove #1" Short C-TierMixed Pro OpenC$38
21-Dec-2019Breezy with FleezyMixed Pro OpenC$175
19-Jul-2019Chain Gang Weekly 008 Sponsored by Dynamic DiscsMixed Pro OpenC$10
29-Jun-2019WV Chain Gang Flex Start XC-Tier - Oregon State HospitalMixed Pro OpenXC$45
18-May-2019WV Chain Gang Pop-Up Flex Start C-TierGoldC
21-Oct-2017Give Me Moore Disc GolfMixed Pro OpenC
17-May-2015Race for the Cup #1Mixed Amateur 1C
05-Jul to 06-Jul-2014Columbia Rediviva OpenMixed Amateur 2B
31-May to 01-Jun-2014Pine JamMixed Amateur 2C