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Amy Lewis #61950

Amy Lewis #61950

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Career Wins

12-Jul to 14-Jul-2024North Umpqua InvitationalWomen's Pro OpenA$475
28-Jun to 30-Jun-20242024 Rose City OpenWomen's Pro OpenB$300
04-May-20242024 Oregon Women's Series #2- May the Fourth be with Loo!Women's Pro OpenC$211
06-Apr-20242023-24 Stumptown Slosh Series #5 @ Milo McIverWomen's Pro OpenB$225
30-Mar to 31-Mar-20242024 Cody Hartman Spring Celebration at Buxton Woods Powered by Innova & DropsWomen's Pro OpenB$200
16-Mar-2024SOWS 2023-2024 Whistlers Bend Pro Day Women's Pro OpenC$66
03-Mar-2024SOWS 2023-2024 Lake Selmac Pro DayWomen's Pro OpenC$54
04-Feb-2024SOWS 2023-2024 Tom Pearce Pro DayWomen's Pro OpenC$39
28-Jan-20242024 Santiam Open Presented by disc junctionWomen's Pro OpenB$137
07-Jan-2024SOWS 2023-2024 Indian Mary PRO DayWomen's Pro OpenC$53
16-Dec-2023SOWS 2023-2024 Tom Pearce West Pro DayWomen's Pro OpenC$42
18-Nov-2023SOWS 2023-2024 Valley of the Rogue Pro Day Women's Pro OpenC$42
05-Nov-2023SOWS 2023-2024 Millsite Pro Day Women's Pro OpenC$53
21-Oct-2023Camp Serene Fall Classic Presented by Resistance Discs Pro DayWomen's Pro OpenB$160
06-Oct to 08-Oct-2023All Day Disc Golf Presents The Columbia CupWomen's Pro OpenA$465
09-Sep to 10-Sep-2023Hop Valley's 35th Annual Eugene Celebration presented by InnovaWomen's Pro OpenB$205
26-Aug to 27-Aug-2023Calapooia Classic Presented by Danner BootsWomen's Pro OpenB$87
18-Aug to 20-Aug-2023The Brooktrails Open supported by InnovaWomen's Pro OpenB$390
14-Jul to 16-Jul-2023North Umpqua Invitational supported by InnovaWomen's Pro OpenA$483
10-Jun to 11-Jun-2023Discraft's Resistance Discs Open presented by GRIPeqWomen's Pro OpenB$410
16-Apr-2023Resistance Discs Spring Fling at Adair PRO DayWomen's Pro OpenB$79
01-Apr to 02-Apr-2023Hacking Thru Hornings presented by Top Flight Disc GolfWomen's Pro OpenB$229
25-Mar to 26-Mar-20232023 Buxton Woods Spring Celebration Driven by InnovaWomen's Pro OpenB$150
18-Mar-2023SOWS 2022-2023 Whistlers Bend Pro DayWomen's Pro OpenC$40
05-Feb-2023SOWS 2022-2023 Tom Pearce PRO DayWomen's Pro OpenC$63
13-Nov-20222022 Resistance Discs Open presented by SquatchWomen's Pro OpenB$345
05-Nov to 06-Nov-2022Middle Fork Open - Postponed to November 5-6, 2022Women's Pro OpenB$470
30-Oct-2022Camp Serene Fall Classic Presented by Resistance Discs PRO DayWomen's Pro OpenB$135
15-Oct-20222022 Flood Stage Red XWomen's Pro OpenC$38
08-Oct to 09-Oct-20222022 Columbia CupWomen's Pro OpenB$84
27-Aug to 28-Aug-20222022 Calapooia ClassicWomen's Pro OpenB$153
16-Jul to 17-Jul-20222022 North Umpqua Invitational Presented by Discraft and Resistance DiscsWomen's Pro OpenB$207
07-May to 08-May-2022CH Sports Open presented by Jammers in the RoughWomen's Pro OpenB$235
19-Mar-20222021-2022 Whistlers SOWS Pro dayWomen's Pro OpenC$20
06-Feb-2022SOWS - Tom Pearce - Pro dayWomen's Pro OpenC$50
07-Nov-2021SOWS 2021-2022 Millsite Pro Women's Pro OpenC$57
24-Oct-2021Flood Stage Red IX Women's Pro OpenC$71
11-Sep to 12-Sep-20212021 Eugene Disc Golf Celebration sponsored by Hop ValleyWomen's Pro OpenB$162
17-Jul to 18-Jul-20212021 North Umpqua Invitational Women's Pro OpenB$298
01-May to 02-May-2021CH Sports Open presented by the Disc Golf Club of AlbanyWomen's Pro OpenB$160
24-Apr-2021Race for the Cup#1 WaterlooWomen's Pro OpenC$76
28-Mar-2021SOWS 2021 Whistlers Bend - ProWomen's Pro OpenC$66
19-Mar to 21-Mar-20212021 Buxton Woods Spring Celebration Sponsored Locally by BuddiesWomen's Pro OpenB$175
13-Mar-2021Dayspring Ranch SOWSWomen's Pro OpenC$50
27-Feb to 28-Feb-2021Pioneer Open 2021 powered by Prodigy DiscsWomen's Pro OpenB$232
31-Oct-2020Oregon Women's Disc Golf FinaleWomen's Pro OpenC$550
03-Oct-2020Throw the RogueWomen's Pro OpenC$38
05-Sep to 06-Sep-20202020 Oak Grove Open presented by Prodigy DiscWomen's Pro OpenB$222
29-Aug to 30-Aug-2020Calapooia ClassicWomen's Pro OpenB$130
09-Feb-2020S.O.W.S Tom Pearce - MPO, FPO, Pro MastersWomen's Pro OpenC$56
19-Jan-2020Santiam Open presented by Bine Valley Brewing Women's Pro OpenB$155
27-Oct-2019Flood Stage Red VIIWomen's Pro OpenC$40
19-Oct-2019Disctoberfest @ the BendWomen's Pro OpenC$45
12-Oct to 13-Oct-2019Octoberfest @ AdairWomen's Pro OpenB$155
31-Aug to 01-Sep-2019Oak Grove Open presented by Oregon Sports & Family Chiropractic and InnovaWomen's Pro OpenB$193
13-Jul-2019Race for the Cup #4 BryantWomen's Pro OpenC$35
06-Jul to 07-Jul-2019Huk For Independence 2019Women's Pro OpenB$90
01-Jun to 02-Jun-2019Salmon River Disc Golf TournamentWomen's Pro OpenB$395
04-May to 05-May-2019Cherryland Disc Golf Festival and Tournament Sponsored by Latitude 64 - A GDG $5K/$10K EventWomen's Pro OpenC/B$81
23-Mar-2019Southern Oregon Winter Series 23 - Whistlers Bend - ProWomen's Pro OpenC$50
09-Mar-2019Stumptown Slosh #4Women's Pro OpenC$80
04-Aug to 05-Aug-20182018 Chick FlickWomen's Pro OpenC$117
14-Jul-2018Race for the Cup #4 LBCC Presented by InnovaWomen's Pro OpenC$65
29-Jun to 01-Jul-2018King of the HillWomen's Pro OpenA$500
23-Jun-2018Race for the Cup #3 Bryant Presented by InnovaWomen's Pro OpenC$95
17-Mar to 18-Mar-20182018 Buxton Woods Spring Celebration sponsored by Dynamic DiscsWomen's Pro OpenB$190
05-Aug-2017Race for the Cup #6: LBCCWomen's Pro OpenC$60
22-Apr to 23-Apr-2017Liquid Sunshine OpenWomen's Pro OpenB$365
15-Apr-2017Race for the Cup #2: WaterlooWomen's Pro OpenC$65
01-Apr to 02-Apr-2017Stumptown Slosh #4Women's Pro OpenC$35
18-Mar-2017Race for the Cup #1: AdairWomen's Pro OpenC$90
04-Mar-2017Timber Takeover 2017Women's Pro OpenC$50
12-Nov to 13-Nov-2016Adair ClassicWomen's Pro OpenB$100
23-Oct-2016Flood Stage Red Women's Pro OpenC$45
22-Oct-20162016 Hope OpenWomen's Pro OpenC$45
01-Oct-2016Bomm'n in the WindWomen's Pro OpenB$85
27-Aug to 28-Aug-2016Calapooia ClassicWomen's Pro OpenB$160
13-Aug to 14-Aug-2016Oregon OpenWomen's Pro OpenB$100
09-Jul to 10-Jul-2016Alaska State Championships 15th AnnualWomen's Pro OpenB$327
01-Jul to 03-Jul-2016King of the HillWomen's Pro OpenA$570
23-Jan to 24-Jan-20162015-2016 Stumptown Slosh #2Women's Pro OpenC$40
29-Aug to 30-Aug-2015Calapooia ClassicWomen's Pro OpenB$135
16-Aug-2015Summer FlingWomen's Pro OpenB$70
02-Jul to 05-Jul-2015King of The HillWomen's Pro OpenA$750
09-May to 10-May-2015The West Coast Disc Golf Championships presented by Innova Champion DiscsWomen's Pro OpenA$300
25-Apr to 26-Apr-2015Liquid Sunshine OpenWomen's Pro OpenB$261
02-Aug to 03-Aug-2014The Chick Flick - Ladies OnlyWomen's Pro OpenC$120