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Alexander Standal Borgersrud #182130

Alexander Standal Borgersrud #182130

Alexander Borgersrud 182130's picture
Alexander Borgersrud 182130's picture

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Career Wins

02-Sep to 03-Sep-2023Nordisc Tour Stovner 2023 powered by ProdigyMixed Amateur 1C
10-Jun-2023Nordisc Tour Hvam 2023 powered by ProdigyMixed Amateur 1C
02-Apr-2023Pælmesøndag Mixed Pro OpenC
15-Oct-2022Sveiva Chill & Spill 3.0Mixed Pro OpenC
08-Oct to 09-Oct-2022Kjøledisken 2022 presentert av NordiscMixed Junior ≤18C
24-Sep to 25-Sep-2022Nordisc DGT Krokhol 2022 presented by Thought Space AthleticsMixed Junior ≤18C
05-Aug to 07-Aug-2022Hamar Open - Presented by Guru Disc GolfMixed Junior ≤18B
30-Jul to 31-Jul-2022Skien Open - Presentert by Clash DiscsMixed Junior ≤18B
23-Jun to 26-Jun-2022Norgesmesterskapet i Diskgolf 2022 - Presented by Innova Champion DiscsMixed Junior ≤18B
04-Jun-2022VT tour sponsored by GURU DISC golf Porsgrunn/SkienMixed Junior ≤18C
30-Apr-2022Vårslepp i SærpMixed Junior ≤18C