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Michael Ynfante #15596

Michael Ynfante #15596

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Career Wins

19-May to 21-May-2023The 32nd Capital of Texas Open Presented by Mint Discs (A HOTT Qualifier event)Mixed Pro 40+A$1,105
28-Jan-2023Sugar Land Showdown 2023 Mixed Pro 40+B$262
04-Nov to 06-Nov-2022KR8om presents 32nd Veterans Park Open powered by MINT DISCS (Pro Weekend)Mixed Pro 50+A$760
29-Oct-2022Fall Fairway to Heaven - Houston Disc Golf - Driven by InnovaMixed Pro 40+B$311
30-Sep to 02-Oct-2022Dynamic Discs Presents the 19th Annual Piney Woods Open Mixed Pro 40+A$1,500
11-Jun-2022Sun, Moon and Stars at Briscoe - Driven by Innova Mixed Pro 40+C/B$209
03-Jun-2022Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Pioneer ParkMixed Pro 40+C$30
22-May-2022Farewell ForEvergreen: 2016-2022 Driven by Innova Mixed Pro 40+C/B$218
13-May to 15-May-2022The 31st Capital of Texas Open Presented by Mint Discs (A HOTT Qualifier event)Mixed Pro 50+A$917
12-Mar to 14-Mar-2022Waco Annual Charity Open presented by Prodigy - Am / AP ProMixed Pro 50+A$1,000
05-Mar to 06-Mar-2022Mint Discs presents The 24th Red Rock Show (A HOTT Qualifier Event)Mixed Pro 50+B$272
26-Feb to 27-Feb-2022Discraft presents The Open at Belton - Pro 40/50/60/70 & AmsMixed Pro 50+B$325
19-Feb to 20-Feb-2022The Golden Crescent Disc Golf Club presents the 39th VICTORIA OPEN - a H.O.T.T. Tour QualifierMixed Pro 50+B$356
12-Feb-2022Dynamic Discs Presents the Cedar Hill ChillMixed Pro 50+B$270
29-Jan-20222022 Sugar Land Showdown - Powered by InnovaMixed Pro 50+C$250
23-Jan-20222022 Baytown Boomtown - Driven by InnovaMixed Pro 50+C$145
22-Jan-2022HFDS presents The Cap with Bells Classic Driven by Innova and 4TCMixed Pro 40+C$145
08-Jan to 09-Jan-2022Dynamic Discs Presents Straddle the BrazosMixed Pro 40+B$550
13-Nov to 14-Nov-2021Waco Annual Charity Open - AM / Age ProtectedMixed Pro 40+B$750
10-Jul-2021Gorilla Jam at Jack Brooks - Driven by Innova Mixed Pro 50+C$176
25-Mar to 27-Mar-202126th Annual Texas State Disc Golf Championships Presented by Latitude 64 - A GDG $5K/$10K eventMixed Pro 50+A$1,300
19-Mar to 21-Mar-2021Discraft presents The Open at Belton a DGPT Silver Series EventMixed Pro 50+A/B$595
13-Feb to 14-Feb-2021The 38th Annual Victoria Open driven by InnovaMixed Pro 50+A$537
30-Jan-202110th Annual Sugar Land Showdown - Driven by Innova / Presented by Gorilla Disc Golf Mixed Pro 40+B$325
10-Oct-2020Jack Brooks Open 2020 - Sponsored by Bayou City Disc Golf and Driven by Innova-Gorilla Disc Golf Mixed Pro 50+B$295
22-Aug-2020Fairway to Heaven at Windwood Church DGC - a Gorilla Disc Golf event Sponsored by Dynamic DiscsMixed Pro OpenC$284
12-Mar to 14-Mar-2020DGPT - Waco Annual Charity Open presented by Prodigy DiscMixed Pro 50+A$470
15-Feb to 16-Feb-202037th Victoria OpenMixed Pro 50+B$390
26-Jan-2020Baytown BoomtownMixed Pro 40+C$180
25-Jan-2020Sugar Land ShowdownMixed Pro 40+C$264
09-Nov-2019Evergreen Frozen OverMixed Pro 40+B$340
04-Aug-2019GORILLA DG presents The AIR CONDITIONER at TC Jester Driven by InnovaMixed Pro 40+C$170
08-Jun-2019JACK BROOKS OPEN 3- Driven by INNOVAMixed Pro 50+C$210
01-Jun to 02-Jun-2019Dynamic Discs Presents the Nacogdoches OpenMixed Pro 50+B$425
29-Mar to 31-Mar-20192019 Texas State Disc Golf Championships Presented by DiscraftMixed Pro 50+A$533
16-Feb to 17-Feb-2019Victoria Open 2019Mixed Pro 40+B$313
27-Jan-20194TCDG - Baytown Boomtown - Driven by InnovaMixed Pro 50+C$140
26-Jan-2019Sugar Land Showdown VIIIMixed Pro 50+C$210
29-Dec to 30-Dec-2018Dynamic Discs Presents the ATX OpenMixed Pro 50+B$150
30-Nov to 02-Dec-201841st Annual Waterloo Disc Golf ClassicMixed Pro 50+C$150
15-Jul-2018The Gonzo Liberty BattleMixed Pro 50+C$350
26-May to 28-May-201840th Annual Norman Pro/Am - Pro presented by Noble HardwareMixed Pro 50+A$530
13-Apr to 15-Apr-20182018 Texas State Disc Golf ChampionshipsMixed Pro 50+A$690
23-Mar to 25-Mar-2018The Open at Flat Creek presented by DiscraftMixed Pro 50+A$365
10-Mar to 11-Mar-201820th Annual Red Rock ShowMixed Pro 40+B$285
17-Feb-2018Flat Creek Winter FlightMixed Pro 50+C$135
10-Feb-2018Dynamic Discs Presents the Cedar Hill ChillMixed Pro 50+B$251
20-Jan-2018Sugar Land Showdown VIIMixed Pro 40+B$245
14-Jan-2018Dynamic Discs Presents Straddle the Brazos - A WACO FundraiserMixed Pro 50+B$222
23-Sep-20172nd Annual Jack Brooks Open presented by Bayou City Disc GolfMastersC$290
23-Jun-2017Evergreen Flyways Flex Start C-tierMastersC$124
09-Feb-2013Birdshot-DGProShop's Busch & Miller at BrooksMastersC$140
03-Nov-2012Birdshot DG Proshop Present: Double Barrel Brooks Finale IIMastersB$240
18-Aug-2012Cory's Bicycle Shop/Gorilla DG present The Beltway Summer ClassicMastersC$210
28-Jul-2012Birdshot DG Proshop Presents: Thomas Bertrand Memorial VI at Klein ParkMastersC$170
20-May-2012Stop Crying at Jack BrooksMixed Pro OpenC$120
22-Oct-2011Birdshot & DG ProShop Present: Birdshot's Birthday BashMastersC$110
11-Oct-2008You Don't Know Jack BrooksMastersC$75
05-Jan-2003Gulf Coast Wintertime Series #2Mixed Amateur 1B