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Michelle Deering #13837

Michelle Deering #13837

Michelle Deering 13837's picture
Michelle Deering 13837's picture

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Career Wins

19-Sep to 20-Sep-20202020 Texas Women's ChampionshipsPro Masters Women 50+B$107
12-May-2018WGE - Chicks Chasing ChainsPro Masters Women 50+C$30
24-Aug to 25-Aug-2002Sport City ChallengeIntermediate WomenB
26-Aug to 27-Aug-2000LH7 Resort Charity TourneyAdvanced WomenB
28-Aug to 29-Aug-1999Seven Oaks Resort DGTAdvanced WomenB
03-Dec-1995Circular Skies Over HoustonIntermediate WomenC
02-Sep to 03-Sep-1995Circular Skies Over San AntonioAdvanced WomenC