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PDGA Major Media Policy

PDGA Major Media Policy

Last updated: Tuesday, May 14, 2024 - 13:35

The purpose of this policy is to provide a clear and concise set of rules and regulations regarding media coverage of PDGA Major events. The policy outlines the chain of command in place and the specific roles and tasks that the PDGA, the local organizing committee, and the media teams have for PDGA Major events.

PDGA-Owned Major Media Usage Rights

The following events are PDGA-owned Major events:

  • Professional Disc Golf World Championships
  • Amateur Disc Golf World Championships
  • Junior Disc Golf World Championships
  • Tim Selinske United States Masters Championships
  • United States Women’s Disc Golf Championship
  • Amateur Disc Golf Doubles World Championships  

At PDGA-owned events, the PDGA owns the rights to all event media and also assumes responsibility for planning and organizing of said media. All video, audio, and photographic rights of the event are retained by the PDGA. Use of any sounds or images derived from the event must be authorized by written consent of the PDGA.

Any approved onsite media consents to share their videography or photography with PDGA Media (PDGA) for promotional purposes.

PDGA-Owned Major Events Media Ownership

Videographers and photographers retain ownership of any images or moving pictures captured at PDGA-owned Major events, unless otherwise contractually negotiated. Any resale or commercial use of images or moving pictures must be authorized by written consent of PDGA.

Host-Owned Majors Media Usage Rights and Media Ownership

The media usage rights and media ownership for PDGA Majors that are not PDGA-owned are negotiated and managed on a case-by-case basis. The following PDGA Majors fall into this category:

  • Aussie Open
  • National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships   
  • United States Amateur Disc Golf Championship
  • Scandinavian Open
  • Presidents Cup
  • European Open
  • United States Disc Golf Championship
  • Japan Open 

Media at host-owned PDGA Major events is still required to adhere to the policies outlined herein.

Media Classification

Videography and photography at PDGA Major events are classified into two categories: promotional and commercial.

Promotional Media

Promotional media includes, but is not limited to:

  • Shot-by-shot round coverage videos that include all players on a card and are published by 
  • an independent company unaffiliated with a disc golf equipment manufacturer/retailer; these productions may include advertising from disc golf equipment manufacturers/retailers
  • a company affiliated with the LOC or LOC’s presenting sponsor
  • Lifestyle productions that are published by an independent company unaffiliated with a disc golf equipment manufacturer/retailer
  • Independent news media outlets, including podcasts, unaffiliated with a disc golf equipment manufacturer/retailer
  • Independent photographers unaffiliated with a disc golf manufacturer/retailer
  • Personal social media accounts of players, spectators, tournament staff, or employees of disc golf equipment manufacturers/retailers

All promotional media producers requesting inside the ropes access to sanctioned competition or to tournament grounds for pre- or post-round content production may do so via the PDGA Media Credentials Application.

Commercial Media

Commercial media includes, but is not limited to:

  • Videography and photography captured or distributed by a disc golf equipment manufacturer/retailer
  • Videography and photography that is captured by an independent contractor with the intent to be sold
  • Disc golf manufacturer/retailer social media accounts

Commercial media producers are required to request access from the PDGA for PDGA-owned Major events. For host-owned Major events, commercial media producers must request access from the host team and may be subject to additional guidelines not outlined in this policy.

PDGA-Owned Major Media Responsibilities

PDGA Responsibilities

PDGA will plan and organize the onsite media for all PDGA-Owned Major events, keeping an open line of communication with local organizing committees (LOC) concerning media credential requests, approvals, and denials. PDGA will approve promotional media credential requests and facilitate the assignment of cards to promotional round coverage video producers. PDGA will also facilitate the assignment, composition, and waiver request process for opening round feature cards.

Because of both the variety of divisions and types of fields featured at PDGA-owned Major events, the assignment of promotional round coverage video producers in either a post-production or live-streaming format will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

PDGA will monitor and enforce promotional round coverage video producers’ adherence to the Promotional Round Coverage Video Producer Responsibilities outlined below. Violation of said policies may result in removal from the list of PDGA-approved promotional round coverage video producers.

PDGA will contract a professional photographer to capture photographs of competition, course assets, and spectator galleries throughout the event. LOC will be granted use of these photos for promotional purposes.

LOC Responsibilities

LOCs for PDGA-owned Major events are required to forward any media requests to the PDGA Media team. 

LOCs may not make arrangements for presenting sponsors’ presence in media coverage without first consulting with and receiving approval from the PDGA Media team.

Promotional Round Coverage Video Producer Responsibilities

Approved promotional round coverage video producers must first receive permission to film PDGA-owned Major events from the PDGA Media team. If requested, promotional round coverage video producers agree to seek sponsorship from the LOC or the LOC’s presenting sponsor first.  

In exchange for being granted the right to film PDGA-owned Major events, all promotional video filmed or live-streamed during a PDGA Major event must meet the following criteria:

Minimum Quality Standards

At a minimum, promotional round coverage of PDGA Major events must include:

  • Two cameras
  • Flyover hole previews (where FAA regulations allow)
  • 1080p resolution
  • Professional scoring and leaderboard graphics


  • The following information should be displayed in some way during the introduction for both post-production and live-streaming video:
  • Event name, as listed on the event page*
  • Location
  • PDGA logo
  • PDGA tier
  • Course name*
  • Player names* 
  • Event logo
  • Event presenting sponsor logo
  • *must also be announced by commentators

PDGA Promotional Material

All promotional round coverage video producers granted filming rights to PDGA-owned Major events are required to include the following:

  • One 15-second PDGA commercial (or agreed upon equivalent) in the back nine video any time before players tee off on hole 18

The PDGA will provide video production teams with official digital renderings of the PDGA logo, event logo, and event presenting sponsor logos, as well as commercials.


All live-streaming promotional round coverage video producers granted filming rights to PDGA Major events are required to include the following:

  • One PDGA commercial for every hour of live-streamed video coverage
  • A PDGA logo and event logo must appear on screen at all times

Usage Rights/Content Sharing

In exchange for being granted the right to film PDGA-owned Major events, all video production teams on site grant rights to the PDGA for use of video on social media or in additional non-commercial, promotional productions.

Video producers will be required to share raw footage from each round before departing tournament central each day. 

Approved Promotional Round Coverage Video Producers for PDGA-owned Major events (updated 6-03-2021)

The following video production teams are approved to request credentials for PDGA-owned Major events:

  • Central Coast Disc Golf
  • Epic DG Films
  • Gatekeeper Media
  • Jomez Productions
  • Par Save Productions
  • SmashboxxTV
  • The Disc Golf Guy
  • The SpinTV
  • SM Disc Golf Productions
  • Disc Golf Network
  • Ace Run Productions
  • OTB
  • Crew 42

Producers wishing to be added to the Approved Promotional Round Coverage Video Producers list may apply using the PDGA Media Credentials Application.

Promotional Photographer Responsibilities 

In exchange for being granted the right to photograph PDGA-owned Major events, promotional photographers agree to the following:

  • PDGA may request two photos per day of competition for use on PDGA website or social media channels, in DiscGolfer Magazine, or by the LOC for event promotion purposes. Photographers will be credited by name, with appropriate links attached.

Photographers working for credentialed independent news media (newspapers, websites, magazines, etc.) are exempt from this policy upon verification of credentials by PDGA.

Independent Print/Online Media Responsibilities

All print and online media (newspapers, websites, magazines, podcasts, etc.) planning to attend PDGA Major events must sign and complete the PDGA Media Credentials Application or request approval from the PDGA Communications Manager. If approved, print media individual(s) will be granted the same "inside the ropes" access as all other approved media. Upon request, print and online media outlets will be provided event photography from the event’s contracted photographer.

Media outlets shall not interview players until after their scorecards have been turned in.

Player Responsibilities

By registering for a PDGA Major event, players consent to allow their image or likeness to be used by the PDGA, LOC, and approved media outlets before, during, and after the event. Players shall not request that their likeness or images be withheld from approved video productions or photographs during the event. Exception: Players selected for a first-round featured grouping (via the composition of a champions card, by the results of a fan vote, or some other method of card composition for media purposes) may opt-out of video coverage for the opening round of play.

Players at PDGA Major events shall be available to all media outlets on site except during or within 30 minutes of their tee time and during their round.

Players shall be available for in-person media requests for up to 30 minutes after their scorecards are turned in.

Required Media Credentials

Media credential requests must be submitted at least 30 days prior to an event’s official start date. These credentials allow those that are approved “inside the ropes” access before, during, and after the competition. All parties inside the ropes without media credentials (excluding players and caddies) will be directed to leave the area either by tournament staff or PDGA representatives.

In cases where no roped-off area exists, the LOC and onsite PDGA staff will work to ensure that the approved media outlets are not being interfered with by non-credentialed members of the gallery.

Members of approved media outlets will be able to pick up their media passes from the LOC  or PDGA representatives at player check-in or tournament central. The passes must be displayed in some manner at all times during the event, visible to the LOC, the PDGA, other media entities, and the gallery.

The PDGA Media Credentials Application includes terms of engagement that must be read and agreed to prior to submitting the form. 

Unauthorized media outlets

Promotional and commercial media outlets who do not communicate with the PDGA and LOC per the guidelines in this policy will not be allowed to attend. If unauthorized media teams show up to an event unannounced, the PDGA or LOC reserve the right to restrict these teams from the property.

Any questions or concerns related to the above policies shall be directed to the PDGA Communications Manager.