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Feldberg Finishes On Top of Woodchuck Cider Drive for the Championship Disc Golf Points Series

Rock Hill, South Carolina--When David Feldberg stepped up to the 254th throw of his grueling four day encounter with one of disc golf’s most renowned courses at Winthrop Gold, he believed that this single putt would determine whether his incredible accomplishments during the 2010 season would be fulfilling or a flop.

Standing over his 40 to 50 feet putt left on hole 18, Feldberg faced a treacherous downhill pin placement where plenty of disc golfers had already doinked the basket and rolled away into the open arms of Winthrop Lake.  But in his mind, it was a putt he had to make...not for another USDGC title; not to even finish in the top three; but to make this putt would secure the 2010 PDGA National Tour Woodchuck Cider Drive for the Championship points series that he had worked so hard to win.

Invoking the pre-putt ritual that has become Feldberg’s trademark, he cocked the disc back towards his body one last time before letting it fly.  And as if time slowed, he watched his reliable putter glide slowly and steadily down the hill towards the target.  Would it hit chains and fall out?  Would it hit the basket and roll?  Or would it miss everything and continue to take the gravity train down far, far down the hill?

The answer is, “None of the above!”  Feldberg’s disc found the heart of the chains and created that unique chinging sound that disc golfers love oh so much.  And to Feldberg’s ears on this one shot, that ching was like hitting the disc golf jackpot.  As with so many clutch putts previously in his career, Feldberg’s disc found its home nestled in the basket of hole 18, where it came to rest.  And with it, at least in the mind of the NT Points series winner, this clutch shot made the difference in punctuating an incredible 2010 PDGA National Tour season, where he captured an unprecedented four NT titles.

Would Feldberg have won the Woodchuck Cider Drive for the Championship points series if he missed the putt?  Would his season have been just as fulfilling finishing with four NT titles and the world’s number one ranking?  These questions are moot for Feldberg.  With the greatness that he showed on that 254th throw last week in Rock Hill, he now knows that he did what he needed to do...he made the putt, he finished where he needed to, and he is the 2010 Woodchuck Cider Drive for the Championship points series winner.  All the rest is just people wondering.

Place  First  Last  PDGA#  Total  Payout
1 David  Feldberg  12626 570 $2,000
2 Nikko  Locastro  11534 558 $1,500
3 Ken  Climo  4297 515 $1,000
4 Paul  Ulibarri  27171 503 $750
5 Matt  Orum  18330 501 $600
6 Nathan  Doss  11794 493 $500
7 Eric  McCabe  11674 473 $400
8 Josh  Anthon  17946 424 $350
9 Devan  Owens  25168 396 $275
9 GreGory  Barsby  15857 396 $275

On the women’s side of the Drive for the Championship, Valarie Jenkins captured her third consecutive National Tour Points Championship, with Liz Carr finishing second.

Place  First  Last  PDGA#  Total  Payout
1 Valarie  Jenkins  17495 591 $1,000
2 Liz  Carr  31068 552 $600
3 Desiree  Reading  15863 543 $400
4 Liz  Lopez  31162 529 $250
5 Paige  Pierce  29190 525 $100

For a complete list of the season-ending Woodchuck Cider Drive for the Championship points totals, make sure to visit  A special thanks to Woodchuck Hard Cider for completing their fourth year as the National Tour points series Title sponsor.

Credits: Feldberg photo by Lauren Lakeberg