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The VIP AIR Giant, VIP AIR Stag, VIP AIR Sword and VIP AIR Warship from Westside Discs are now PDGA Approved as of 3-10-2013.

"Westside VIP AIR Giant is Westside's most overstable AIR plastic model. Super-fast Giant has a fast, controllable and predictable flight and a good glide.  AIR plastic Giants weights are all below 159 grams.

Westside VIP AIR Stag is based on Westside's new Stag mold. This mold has same upper part mold than Westside Giant. Stag is slightly overstable all around driver with lots of glide. Vip AIR plastic Stags weight below 159 grams.

Westside VIP AIR Sword is a straight flying versatile long distance driver great for both backhand and forehand. What it comes to weights, Westside is producing ordinary VIP plastic at weights over 160 grams and new VIP AIR plastic at weights below 159 grams. This applies also to VIP AIR Sword.

Westside VIP AIR Warship is likely to be the world's first microbubble-plastic mid-range available to public.  Warship is a stable and easy-to-throw midrange with amazing glide and little fade at the end. VIP AIR plastic Warship weights are below 159 grams." - Westside Discs