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The new updates for World and Continental Rankings have been posted for events thru November 2012. Only small movements this time based on PDGA player ratings getting updated. No new NTs, ETs or Majors results since the October update.

Catrina Allen has edged ahead of the tie with Valarie Jenkins to the top spot in the world for women. Will Schusterick retained the top spot in the world for men.

The North American Continental Rankings for women shows what a tight battle it's been in 2012 among the top three women - Catrina Allen, Sarah Hokom and Valarie Jenkins - separated by only 0.1 point. Mayu Nonaka swapped places with Yuki Fukuhara and now leads the women in the Oceanasia Rankings.

Just a reminder that the World and Continental Rankings are done in slightly different ways, sometimes including different events and with different weighting factors. It's not uncommon for some players to have a higher World Ranking than their Continental Ranking due to these calculation differences. Some top players (by rating) have not made it into the rankings because their current rating may not be based on enough rounds or they haven't played enough events to be included.