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UDisc: The Official App Of The PDGA

UDisc: The Official App Of The PDGA

Partnership set to provide exclusive member benefits in 2019

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - 14:35

APPLING, Ga. – A membership with the Professional Disc Golf Association just got smarter.

UDisc will become the official smartphone app of the PDGA, the two organizations announced Tuesday. The partnership means PDGA members who are current in 2019 will receive a free UDisc Pro subscription that includes unlimited scoring, statistics, and automatic scorecard syncing with friends.

PDGA members will also enjoy the exclusive benefit of being able to access their PDGA player statistics, tournament results, and ratings straight from the application.

Another feature of the partnership will find the PDGA and UDisc harmonizing their disc golf course directories to create the most comprehensive course information database in the world. UDisc will also host an offline, searchable version of the PDGA Official Rules of Disc Golf and Competition Manual for Disc Golf Events, resulting in a potential positive environmental impact.

“The partnership between the PDGA and UDisc provides excellent benefits for PDGA members,” PDGA Memberships Manager Vic Allen said. “The usability of the UDisc app enhances the disc golf experience both on and off the course. Whether you’re a competitive player or recreational disc golfer, the partnership with UDisc provides something for every PDGA member no matter where you are in the world.” 

Fans of the professional scene can also rejoice, as UDisc Live will return to provide instant scoring and statistics for the six 2019 PDGA National Tour events, the PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships, the United States Disc Golf Championship, and the United States Women’s Disc Golf Championship.

Founded in 2012 by Iowa State University graduates Matt Krueger and Josh Lichti, UDisc started as a mobile-centric way for players to find new courses. It quickly evolved to include scorekeeping and course reviews and is now the leading smartphone application in the sport, boasting hundreds of thousands of downloads on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

When UDisc released its live scoring hub for the 2016 Disc Golf Pro Tour, Krueger and Lichti started working with the PDGA to streamline the scoring and tee time entry process for tournament directors. The partnership grew stronger with the addition of UDisc Live to the 2018 PDGA National Tour and Pro Worlds.

“We’re thrilled to strengthen our partnership with the PDGA and integrate new member resources into the UDisc App,” Krueger said.

The integration process will be simple. By January 1, current PDGA members will be able to download the UDisc app and enter their PDGA number into their player profile. That will upgrade their membership and unlock access to the added benefits.

“This partnership gives PDGA members the ability to access their player statistics, tournament information, and everything else they need right in the palm of their hand,” PDGA Technology Director Steve Ganz said. “We’re excited to strengthen our relationship with two of the best technologists in disc golf while also building a better player experience for our members.”

Future upgrades to the application include the integration of PDGA ratings for casual rounds and league scoring capabilities, putting more of the app's robust feature suite in front of disc golfers worldwide. Follow UDisc and PDGA on social media for updates, and visit for more info about the app.


Submitted by DonSifu on

This is just another great step in the right direction to making Disc Golf a worldwide legitimate sport. Well done folks.

Submitted by ttomasino1 on

What would be awesome would be to allow those recreational rounds to count towards creating a more realistic player rating/handicap so that players who don't play tournaments often can see where they stand but a great move by the PDGA and UDisc 😎

Submitted by Pizza God on

Well, I had been debating on paying for UDisc, now I don't have too. I am still going to keep up DGCR because it is one of the best, most reliable course map. The PDGA's page is horrible. UDisc has it pro's and con's. Love it when people add maps, but I can't ever seem to get it to work right when I have tried to map courses. However, UDisc has a lot of junk courses listed that are no longer there.

And I have not figured out how to mark a course played and search for unplayed courses. That is where the Disc Golf Course Review apps is better. I use both to find courses and update DGCR as much as I can as I play new courses.

Submitted by udisc on

Hey Pizza God! We'll be cleaning up the course directory and merging with PDGA's course directory to create a comprehensive and accurate listing of courses over the winter. Stay tuned.

To mark a course as played in UDisc, either complete a scorecard at the course in UDisc, or open the "Courses" tab, locate the course and tap on it, then hit the Played button on top. If you want to search for unplayed courses, open the Courses tab, tap on "Map" in the top right to see the map view, then hit the "Filters" button and select "Unplayed". The courses tab has some very powerful searching and sorting features via the "Filters" button and the search bar on top. If you want to scout courses before a trip open the search and type "near San Francisco" or "near Atlanta" and your search will be relative to that city.

If you have a question about mapping courses, email [email protected] and we'll help you get going.

Submitted by Pizza God on

Oh man, it is going to take a while to mark all 600+ courses I have played down. I don't remember seeing that button before. Must not have been paying attention.

So if your a PDGA member and you already pay for the pro version of UDisc, that will be corrected so you are not paying for it? (in 2019)

Submitted by steveganz on

Subscriptions will be good through the end of 2019 as long as you are a current PDGA member in 2019.

This is fantastic news and cannot wait until we have this feature.

I personally, am not a huge math guy and really hate being tested on my math skills after a round is complete. Losing two strokes due to a math error is both embarrassing and punishing the player for something totally unrelated to Disc Golf. Also adds a ton of anxiety when we really don't need it.