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PDGA Radio Episode 95: Eagle McMahon

Eagle McMahon joins this week's episode of PDGA Radio for his first interview of 2020. Photo: Alyssa Van Lanen

The 2020 season is about to be officially underway! Steve and Sara recap the Las Vegas Challenge on this week’s episode of PDGA Radio, complete with takeaways on Catrina Allen’s win and putting ups-and-downs and an impressive display from Callie McMorran (6:00). Steve puts to rest the notion that Nate Sexton is a safe player and shares his recent casual round experience with breakout performer Tristan Tanner (24:45). 

Eagle McMahon joins the show to talk about his Memorial Championship title defense, his plans for multiple Euro trips, and what he hopes to learn from his self-inflicted hand injury at the end of 2019 (28:45).

The hosts preview this weekend’s Disc Golf Pro Tour kickoff and make their picks for the Memorial Championship (55:10). Sara’s not having a baby, but she does have some “life news (1:10:30).”

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Submitted by Cphil58016 on

Congrats to all of the participants in the LVC. What a great way to open the 2020 disc golf season !

Special congrats to FPO Champion Catrina Allen.....Round 4,what a GREAT rebound round after struggling during round three !

Nate Sexton had a great tournament....dominated down the stretch !

FP40 (Master's Women) Jennifer Allen showed that she is an ELITE player who will be a SERIOUS force to be reckoned with in both FPO and FP40 events !! CONGRATS Jennifer !!

Can't WAIT for the Memorial !!