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Major Time: WNC, USDGC Scores & Coverage

2019 USDGC Champion James Conrad will kick off his repeat bid on the lead card. Photo: DGPT

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Live Coverage

  • Pay-per-view action of both of the PDGA Majors will be daily on
  • Two options are available for purchase:
    • $19.99: Four days of live coverage of both events
    • $29.99: Four days of live coverage of both events plus condensed — or post-produced — coverage of each round
  • Live coverage will include the feature card as well as look-ins on the second card during the first round. Rounds 2-4 will include the lead and chase cards.
  • WNC Feature Card: Paige Pierce, Catrina Allen, Hailey King, Kona Panis
  • WNC Second Card: Elaine King, Kat Mertsch, Lisa Fajkus, Cynthia Ricciotti
  • USDGC Feature Card: James Conrad, Paul McBeth, Simon Lizotte, Eagle McMahon
  • USDGC Second Card: Jeremy Koling, Calvin Heimburg, Kevin Jones, Ricky Wysocki

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Submitted by Ruckstar79 on

Is there no way to watch the replay of today’s live stream?? That’s the whole reason I purchased the PPV is to be able to rewatch each days live stream as I am at work during live play.