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Flying Disc Magazine Hits Newsstands

Flying Disc Magazine (FDM) has zoomed into major bookstores coast to coast. Disc golf has hit the mainstream. The first issue of 2009 is on sale at Borders, Barnes and Noble, Hastings, and Books A Million stores now. A partial listing of locations can be found here:

Barnes & Noble Locations

Hastings Locations 

Books a Million Superstore Locator

One of the largest obstacles disc golfers usually face when approaching sponsors or landowners is that many of those people are unaware of what disc golf is. As a national magazine, FDM now has an extraordinary platform to promote awareness and exposure of disc golf and other disc pursuits. The presence on racks next to golf and running and hiking magazines helps legitimize disc sports to a mass audience. The more stores come on line, the greater the influence.

You Can Help
One of the biggest and simplest things we can all do to help disc golf grow is to expose new people to it. When a potential sponsor can say "why yes I have heard of your sport," the road to riches gets a lot smoother. Trying to convince a local park director to use that back 40 for a disc golf course is also much easier if he's seen disc golf on the rack next to his Tiddlywinks Journal a few times. Familiarity breeds comfort.

And the simple truth is, when folks are exposed to disc sports, they tend to enjoy them. The objective merits that enraptured and ensnared us work on others, too. We get them at "hello."

So visit your local big box bookstore and check out the latest issue of FDM. While you’re there, thank the manager for carrying a disc publication. Should you look for FDM and not find it, ask the manager to add it to the shelves, it makes a difference.

The Campaign
FDM is asking for the help of disc lovers everywhere as we work to help our sport jump to the next level. Join us in our mission to Sell Them All Out. We have an unprecedented opportunity here and now to prove to these major companies that disc fans are passionate for and will support their sports. We can prove that we are significant, and that we deserve attention.

By Selling Them All Out we will gain admittance to even more dealers and store locations. Disc sports will be accessible everywhere. The lay public will discover us, through happy chance and blind luck, one person at a time, over and over, all around the country. Those persons will be intrigued, and we will all win.

Check the lists. Visit the stores. Vote for your disc sport by taking one simple action. Make a real difference.

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