Camping: no
Facilities: yes
Pay to Play: no
Handicap Accessible: yes
Private: no
Tee Signs: yes

Course Details

Course Type: Permanent
# Holes: 27
Target Type: Mach V
Tee Type: Rubber
Elevation: All Hilly
Foliage: Woodsy
Course Length: 4,063ft
Alternate Length: 3,682ft
Hole Length: Under 300ft: 17 | 300 - 400ft: 1 | Over 400ft: 0
Course Designer: Cliff Towne and Dave Hadder


110 south; exit Academy (near Dodger Stadium). At 2nd stop sign, right on Solano then quick right at light on Park Dr. by the park maintenance yard. If on 110 north, exit at Solano Ave., right on Amador, up hill and veer right (becomes Solano) to a right at the light on Park Dr. Go 300' past tennis courts and park near restrooms. Walk east across top of soccer field to trail heading uphill to the south to 1st tee.


Phone: 323-461-4612

Course Map

Course Photos

Chavez Ridge Disc Golf Course at ElysianChavez Ridge Disc Golf Course at ElysianChavez Ridge Disc Golf Course at ElysianChavez Ridge Disc Golf Course at ElysianChavez Ridge Disc Golf Course at ElysianChavez Ridge Disc Golf Course at ElysianChavez Ridge Disc Golf Course at ElysianChavez Ridge Disc Golf Course at ElysianChavez Ridge Disc Golf Course at ElysianChavez Ridge Disc Golf Course at ElysianChavez Ridge Disc Golf Course at ElysianChavez Ridge Disc Golf Course at ElysianChavez Ridge Disc Golf Course at ElysianChavez Ridge Disc Golf Course at ElysianChavez Ridge Disc Golf Course at ElysianChavez Ridge Disc Golf Course at ElysianChavez Ridge Disc Golf Course at ElysianChavez Ridge Disc Golf Course at ElysianChavez Ridge Disc Golf Course at ElysianChavez Ridge Disc Golf Course at ElysianChavez Ridge Disc Golf Course at ElysianChavez Ridge Disc Golf Course at Elysian

Course Reviews

by tropicalculus on Feb 4, 2016 at 2:37am

Finding the first tee was difficult. Besides that and getting "Chavezed," the highlights are the funny/interesting/informative hole descriptions and the amazing view of Dodger Stadium and downtown L.A. from the last 2 holes.

by itachi24 on Mar 14, 2013 at 9:32pm

Good course. Very challenging. If you like a bit of a hike to go along with your disk golfing then this course is for you! Wear good shoes! And if you're a little off of your game be prepared to brave some pretty steep hills when your disc goes rolling down them. Plenty of tree hazards! I went during the summer and it can get pretty hot up there. Bring water! The biggest drawback for me was finding out where to start. Parking is just pulling off the side of the road and if I didn't have the GPS I never would have found it. That hole that over looks the stadium is pretty fantastic and worth carrying the camera all day!

by ronfromchicago on Feb 12, 2012 at 3:31pm

This is an exciting course and should not be missed if you are in the area. I was in LA from Chicago soon after New Years and it was awesome. The course lies on several ridges along the top of a hilly park near Chinatown. This certainly is not a course for the timid, as miscalculations in speed, power, or direction result in your disc rolling way down the side of the hill. If you are not on your A game your disc will go bye bye and this adds an additional layer of excitement to the course.

The course is somewhat difficult to navigate for the newly initiated trying to interpret the course map. I was lucky enough to have met two local Sherpas who were kind enough to let me tag along as I worked to improve my fledgling skills. Had a great time bros! (Hit me up with an email if you read this.)

There appeared to be plenty of people around who could help out if the map isn't enough. Park at the top of the hill where you see other cars. Wear shoes with good tread as you may be walking up and down hills.

by scottmodel on Jan 23, 2012 at 1:34pm

This is a nice course. Challenging narrow short holes all set on a hill. If you're not careful, your disc could end up rolling all the way down the hill.

Plus, it was completely empty on a beautiful Sunday morning. Can't beat that.

Here's some quick help if it is your first time. Follow the directions above and park your car on the hill near #6 (if you see baskets you'll know you're there) then follow the path down the hill. The first tee is below this street about half way down the hill. There's a box for course maps here but it was empty when I got there. Or you could park down by the bathrooms and walk across the park and up the hill to get there.

#6 is missing the basket, so skip this one. Don't forget to cross the road to get to #9. There are arrows spray-painted on the road to guide you to the tee.

Other than that, just look at the maps at each tee to figure out where the following tee is.

by Think Blue on Nov 5, 2010 at 2:40pm

Located behind the right field parking lot of Dodger Stadium, this is my personal favorite Disc Golf course. It may not lend itself to beginners, or those righties, who don't have a back hand... but it's perfect for lefties (and I’m not a lefty). Although a small course, the tight lines, plethora of trees and of course the steep terrain you play across, it just may leave you in tears (because of being ‘Chavezed’ = when your disc rolls down hill towards the park below… and don’t freak out when your disc does several S-turns, and goes for a ride). Many people say they get frustrated by the lay out, being ‘chavezed’ and of course the branch you didn’t notice before you threw, but if you take the time you will find that this place is a hidden gem (and don’t be afraid to ask for help at the course, almost every local I’ve met over the years is friendly, and usually willing to give you the courses layout, and in most cases, tag along for a round to feel out the course). The crew who take care of the course do a great job, as evidence by the addition of good level rubber tees, and they are always looking for new pin positions (but due to recent theft of a pin, the crew has taken to making alternate tee pads instead… unfortunately the are natural, but in even more challenging positions). If you are looking to improve your game, this is a great course. I attribute all my improvements (and forehand) to this course… so give it a try, and just laugh it off, because you will get chavezed, and be humbled.

by user3 on Aug 23, 2010 at 6:57pm

Years of hard work by local non-profit Discsports In Southern California went into getting LA's 1st course in the ground. It is short, but the treacherous hillsides dictate that your shot lines be very precise. Nab a copy of the course map if it is your first time, but if you get to the 1st tee (the map locations and directions are good here for Chavez) and pay attention to the tee signs you should be able to transition through the course (over and across the ridge road to find 9's tee is the only tough transition). Great views of Dodger Stadium and the LA Skyline. Short but superbly constructed rubber tees. Enjoy!

by Bancroft on May 29, 2010 at 12:37pm

Hills, trees, good tee signs and tees. Shortish course (makes the shortish tees ok). Flowing on both sides of the Ridge up there. Premium on approaches that do not roll away. Nice design job given obvious constraints of topography and area.

This is a 3.5 course (there are some that should be rated 1 out there, but not this one - play Mills Park in Carson - that is a 1 or a 0). Printing the map or looking at the "next tee" arrows on the tee signs will help with the transitions for the first time player (the challenging one is over the ridge to tee #9 - actually reading the course description gives you that info). But - hey - we know that bad preparation can mar your experience out there playing new courses. Printing the course map and bringing it with you will help your good time at any new course - it is nice that the Chavez people have that course map up online.

by MarkT on May 4, 2010 at 6:54pm

I was originally really excited to play L.A.'s first course, but after spending 45 minutes finding a very terribly marked 1st tee (even with the map and GPS 1st tee location on my phone) my outlook was a bit bleak. I did like the tees, but thought they were a bit short (not a deal breaker though). Most of the tees had accurate hole descriptions and shot paths, which definitely helped. Chavez Ridge is a challenging shorter course, but the layout is confusing, and navigating it was not fun. For a course that lies on hillsides among lots of trees and doubles back on many of the tees, it could be marked better to help point you in the next right direction. I almost had my head taken off while trying to find a couple tees. Hole 9 was actually the easiest to find since I knew we had to cross a road. I ran into quite a few others who had either skipped unknowingly or were searching for tees that they couldn't find, so a few of us actually got together and finished the course. I'll come back, but not too often.

by unwrinkledear on Apr 20, 2010 at 2:43pm

Great course centrally located in the middle of Los Angeles. Lots of elevation and trees to deal with, so the relatively "short" nature of the course is still a major challenge. Multiple basket positions and teepads for each hole make it possible to play many different layouts, some of which are much longer than listed. Bring your mental game - requires a wide variety of shots to stay in good position. Right up there with san fran's golden gate park as far as wonderful courses in an urban environment.

by 36000 on Feb 6, 2010 at 2:46am

The holes on this course are extremely short. The PDGA Course Directory says 17 holes less than 300 feet. The baskets are nice and well anchored. The pads are rubber, but are a little too short. The woods on this course are very nice and the views of LA and Dodger Stadium are amazing. Be wary of wandering too far off course, as I walked 15 feet behind hole 9 and stumbled across a pile of used condoms.

by ARCOriginal on Oct 20, 2009 at 4:07pm

I love this course! All tees planted on two hillsides. Multiple basket locations for many holes changed fairly often. Lots of shade. Must have accurate throws, I've hit the chains many times only to watch my frisbee land and roll way down the hillside! I've only been playing this course for less than 2 years and find it an excellent change up to Sylmar and Oak Grove. Happy bird hunting!