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Board to Meet at Fall Summit

The 2013 PDGA Board of Directors Fall Summit will be held on September 23-24 at the Monarch Hotel in Portland, Oregon. Check out the 2013 Fall Agenda and see what's on tap.

In addition to monthly teleconferences, your elected board members meet face to face twice each year, once in the spring and once in the fall, for summit meetings where the latest issues affecting disc golf and the PDGA are discussed, debated and worked out. The summit meetings are open to all PDGA members and your presence and input is welcome and appreciated. This year the Fall summit is conveniently scheduled on the two days following the United States Womens Disc Golf Championships in an effort to give more members the opportunity to attend the meetings. The main focus of the meetings this year will be the development of a long term strategic plan for the organization.

The Professional Disc Golf Association is a 501(c)(4) non-profit, member-run organization which is the international governing body for the sport of disc golf. Board members are elected by the members and serve three-year terms. The PDGA board hires an executive director, who manages a staff of six full-time employees, consultants, and an international network of highly dedicated volunteers.

The PDGA board is comprised of a group of extremely dedicated, passionate and talented people. However, they are all volunteers, and volunteerism always takes a backseat to priorities like family and paying jobs. So, while certain goals are always set, it’s premature to suggest what might and might not be achieved at the summit meetings. Let’s just say that a fabulous group of disc golfers are doing everything in their power to make sure our sport's future is bright and healthy and they are doing a great job at it. When you meet a PDGA Board member, past or present, be sure to thank them for all their time and efforts.