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The Shard from Obsidian Discs was PDGA Approved on 10-1-2018.

"The earth rumbles and cracks open revealing "shards" of mysterious substances! Team Obsidian recovers the rare pieces of matter and before the material cools down, quickly shapes them in a new form: The Shard is here!

The Shard is designed and created to be a long-gliding stable-to-understable fairway driver, suitable for all disc golfers. Beginners will find the Shard flying straight and having a moderate fade at the end of the glide. Advanced players will have a field day using the Shard with hyzer flips; with long anhyzer shots they’ll see the Shard still has its reckless spirit inside as it fights itself to a small fade. The new disc offers a lot for all players to advance their game to the next level!" - by Obsidian Discs