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Statement Regarding Nikko Locastro's Disqualification at the 2022 European Open

Friday, July 22, 2022 - 13:42

At all PDGA-sanctioned events, all participants are required to adhere to the Official Rules of Disc Golf and the Competition Manual for Disc Golf Events. These rules and competition standards govern all aspects of play and conduct at a PDGA event, including player behavior.

During round two of the European Open, following a time violation call, Nikko Locastro engaged in conduct toward a Tournament Official that the Tournament Director has evaluated according to these standards.

Per Competition Manual 1.12.H, video evidence may be used to evaluate and investigate player misconduct. The video of the incident captured by the Disc Golf Network, in part, served as evidence here.

Competition Manual 3.03 reads, in part:

“All players must adhere to a professional standard of sporting ethics, courtesy, and integrity while participating in a PDGA-sanctioned event and when commenting to the media. Conduct that violates this standard is subject to courtesy violations called by players (see 812, Courtesy), penalties issued by the Tournament Director, and any further disciplinary action deemed appropriate by the PDGA.

If a player violates the above standard, the Tournament Director may opt, in their sole discretion, to issue a tournament warning for a first offense (except as specified in 3.03.C). Otherwise, the Tournament Director will immediately disqualify the player. Actions that violate this standard include, but are not limited to . . . [o]vert rudeness or threatening behavior to anyone present.” CM 3.03.A and B.

Additionally, when approached by Jeff Jacquart, PDGA Director of Competition, for further information on the incident, Mr. Locastro refused to cooperate or even discuss the matter.  Competition Manual 3.03.B.8 states that “[o]bstruction of, or failure or refusal to cooperate with, any investigation by an official into the player’s conduct or the conduct of another player” also constitutes player misconduct.

For all these reasons, Petri Anttiroiko, Tournament Director for the 2022 European Open has concluded that Mr. Locastro’s actions were overtly rude and threatening toward the PDGA marshal observing his card. Therefore, Nikko Locastro has been disqualified from the European Open. The PDGA Director of Competition concurs with the TD’s ruling. According to PDGA policy, Mr. Locastro will also be referred to the PDGA Disciplinary Committee for further potential disciplinary action.