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The August 2012 Continental Rankings have been updated. Valarie Jenkins continues as the top woman in North America (and in the World) followed by World Champ Sarah Hokom and Sarah Stanhope Cunningham. Will Schusterick and Paul McBeth are now tied for the top spot for men in North America based on continental ranking points with Will listed first having a 3-point higher PDGA Player Rating. Nate Doss and Ricky Wysocki are tied for third with Doss holding an 11-point higher rating.

Markus Källström heads up the European Rankings followed by Karl Johan Nybo and Anders Swärd. Ragna Bygde has entered the European Rankings on top for women followed by Camilla Jernberg and Angelica Frantz completing a top three sweep for Swedish women. Note: Top European players Jesper Lundmark, Jussi Meresmaa and Oscar Stenfelt do not have any or enough qualifying events, or not enough rated rounds since the 2011 European Open to be included in the rankings.

Mayu Nonaka takes over the top spot for women in the Oceanasia Rankings followed by Yuki Fukuhara and Rika Tsukamoto. Manabu Kajiyama continues to hold the top spot for men followed by Tetsuya T2 Kikuchi and Yasushi Jitsuhiro who each moved up one place since the May Rankings.