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The PDGA Medical Committee has been formed to provide expert advice on a wide variety of issues concerning the health and well-being of disc golfers. Members of the committee have been selected through an interview process and represent a diverse group of medical and fitness professionals:

  • Rick Voakes, M.D.
  • Dan Storms, M.D., M.H.A
  • Kate Skinner, B.S.N.
  • J. Branden Garland, D.C.
  • Seth Munsey, B.S.
  • Michael Sullivan, Esq. (PDGA Board liaison)
  • Elaine King, Ph.D. (PDGA Board liaison)

The committee plans to regularly publish tips to help disc golfers take better care of themselves and improve their performance by advising on injury prevention (flexibility and strength training), nutrition, hydration, and similar subjects. Upon request, the committee will also advise the PDGA Board of Directors on matters of policy which have a medical element.

If there is a topic that you would like the Medical Committee to address, send your suggestions to [email protected].