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After listening to participant and member feedback from the 2019 PDGA Tim Selinske U.S. Masters Championships, held September 6-8, 2019, in Leicester, Massachusetts, PDGA Executive Director Joe Chargualaf sent the following message to the tournament's competitors:

Thank you for your passion and dedication as a PDGA member. Without the support and participation from members like you, we could not fulfill our mission. One of the key elements of our mission is to “Develop disc golf into a globally recognized competitive sport and recreation activity.” Based on the feedback we received concerning the 2019 PDGA Tim Selinske United States Masters Championships, it is obvious that we fell short of providing the experience you deserve as a loyal member and one befitting a Major. For that, I hope you accept my personal apology.

Please know we are taking corrective actions to prevent this from happening again, not only for this event, but for future Majors and National Tour events. If you have not provided feedback for this event, please use this Event Feedback link. (The link can be found in the upper right-hand corner on each Major and World Championship event page.) I assure you: Your feedback will be read and given serious consideration.

Additionally, we’d like to offer you and those who participated in this year’s event 20% off of registration for the 2020 PDGA Tim Selinske United States Masters Championships to be hosted in Columbia, Missouri. I know this won’t erase your recent experience, but we’d like another opportunity to provide you with an event worthy of your participation. More information on how to obtain the discount will be provided closer to the event date.

Thank you again for your commitment to the PDGA. We are focused on enhancing the competitive disc golf experience and overall benefits for our members and look forward to a very exciting future for the sport.