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PDGA Advertising Programs

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The PDGA gives you access to players and fans through:

  • Digital ads on and in our PDGA Disc Golf Weekly Update Newsletter.
  • Point of purchase at the IDGC
  • Podcast
  • Social media
  • Print ads in our quarterly DiscGolfer magazine
  • Special advertising packages

For more information, email [email protected]

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DiscGolfer Magazine Advertising

DiscGolfer, the sport’s premier quarterly print publication, is read by 90,000 PDGA members and others. Each issue covers upcoming PDGA-sanctioned tournaments, tips from pros, player profiles, product announcements and features on what to do off course.

Print Ad Production Schedule

Issue Space Closes Ad Due Date Delivery
Spring 2021 Feb 1 Feb 12 Mid-Late March
Summer 2021 May 3 May 14 Mid-Late June
Fall 2021 Aug 2 Aug 13 Mid-Late September
Winter 2022 Nov 1 Nov 12 Mid-Late December

Print Ad Pricing

  1X 2X 3X 4X
Full Page $975 $925 $850 $750
1/2 Page Horizontal & Vertical $585 $535 $460 $450
1/3 Page $480 $430 $355 $300
1/4 Page $385 $335 $260 $225

PDGA Disc Golf Weekly Update Newsletter

With a fast-growing opt-in subscriber base (45,000+ PDGA members and non-members), the PDGA Disc Golf Weekly Update eNewsletter delivers original content weekly, including videos, photos and great stories for disc golf players.

Newsletter Banner Ad

Place your 320x50 banner ad in this newsletter. Choose from top, middle or bottom placements that rotate weekly.

  1 Mo. (4X) 6 Mo. (24X) 12 Mo. (48X)
Banner (320 x 50 Pixels) $51 $48 $46

Sponsored Newsletter Article

Our subscribers crave content that will help them improve their game and they look to the PDGA for that content. Your sponsored eNewsletter article (1000 word maximum) can be featured in our eNewsletter and posted on the highly trafficked

Please provide the article, two low-resolution images and link out instructions. The article may contain only one link, and PDGA will edit the article so that quality, voice and style rules match ours.

Sponsored Article (Each Article) $1000

Point of Purchase

Each year, over 50,000 disc golf lovers from all over the world visit the mecca for the sport of disc golf, the International Disc Golf Center (IDGC) in Columbia County, Ga. The center is located at Wildwood State Park in Appling, Ga., and features three championship courses, the Ed Headrick Memorial Museum, the Disc golf Hall of Fame, a clubhouse and a full-service pro shop.

Now, you can secure prime advertising space for your product or services inside the pro shop with a poster or sales flyer, or in the center’s outdoor pavilion with a banner. As with many of our advertising opportunities, space is limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis. We will attempt to make any rotation (if necessary) as fair as possible to provide all companies equal opportunity. Advertiser provides poster, flyer or banner.

  Size (mm) Size (in) 6 Mo. (6X) 12 Mo. (12X)
Pro Shop Poster 610 x 914 24 x 36 $950 $900
Outdoor Banner 1829 x 607 72 x 24 $650 $600
Poster & Banner See above See above $1500 $1400
Sales Flyer 216 x 279 8.5 x 11 $30 $250

PDGA Website

The world’s number one site for disc golfers offers ever-changing content, tracks tournament results, profiles players and keeps viewers coming back for more. Website Analytics

  • Timeframe: Jan 1, 2020 – Dec 31, 2020
  • Visits: 13,208,987
  • Unique Visitors: 3,647,003
  • Pageviews: 49,120,994
  • Average Pageviews: 3.72

Other Highly Visited Pages

  1. Home
  2. Event Results
  3. Player Statistics/Profile
  4. Membership
  5. Live Scoring
  6. Course Directory
Advertisement Size A (Pixels) Size B (Pixels) Size C (Pixels) 1 Mo.
6 Mo.
12 Mo.
Sponsor 120 x 60     $315 $290 $250
Leaderboard 728 x 90 468 x 60 320 x 50 $250 $225 $215
Block 300 x 250 250 x 250   $215 $190 $175
Leaderboard & Block See above See above See above $340 $300 $280
Leaderboard 728 x 90 468 x 60 320 x 50 $250 $225 $215
Leaderboard 728 x 90 468 x 60 320 x 50 $215 $190 $175
Block 300 x 250 250 x 250   $215 $190 $175
RUN OF SITE (Excludes pages above)
Leaderboard 728 x 90 468 x 60 320 x 50 $100 $90 $85
Block 300 x 250 250 x 250   $125 $100 $95

Download order form. Premium Ads

The PDGA developed partnerships with third-party ad networks to deliver targeted premium ads to our website for national brands. In addition, the PDGA offers direct sales of premium ad spots. Direct sales ads display twice as often as third-party network ads. These premium ad spaces are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

PDGA Live Scoring (

Live scoring events vary throughout the year, so advertising packages are customized to suit each event.

Specific Pages

In many cases, ads can be placed on a single page and be the exclusive ad for that page. E.g. You can run an exclusive advertisement on the results page for a specific event. If you would like to advertise on a specific page or set of pages within the site, please email [email protected] to discuss a custom advertising package.

Advertisement Requirements abides by the standards set by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). Please review the guidelines below before submitting any advertisements.

  • The file size for any submitted advertisement must be less than or equal to:
    • 200kb or less for any banner ad (728x90, 468x60, 320x50)
    • 80kb for any button ad (120x60)
    • 50kb for any box ad (300x250, 250x250)
  • Animated GIFs must be less than or equal to 15 seconds. Animated GIFs should play through the animation one time only. 
  • Ad unit content must be clearly distinguishable from normal webpage content (i.e. ad unit must have clearly defined borders and not be confused with normal page content).

For a full list of the ad-spec requirements, please review the Universal Ad Package (UAP) section of the IAB Display Advertising Guidelines.

All ads, social media posts and sponsored articles are subject to PDGA approval and must follow our guidelines. All spaces are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. First-time advertisers are required to pre-pay.

For more information, call 762-250-4490 or email [email protected]