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2020 PDGA Junior Disc Golf World Championships Courses

The 2020 PDGA Junior Disc Golf World Championships will feature six disc golf courses:

Note: pars and distances will vary depending on age group.

Hammond Park

(2172 feet, Par 27) Hammond Park is a short technical nine-hole course installed permanently in 2017 specifically for Junior Worlds. The holes range from 150 feet to 318 feet. The signature hole on this course is Hole 9 measuring 250 feet. Hole 9 requires a straight shot into a gap in a tree line with the basket set about 30 feet into the trees and on a steep ledge. The nine-hole layout will be used for several of the younger age groups but is a course enjoyed by Emporia residents of all ages!

Soden’s Grove Park

(2025 feet, Par 27) The Soden’s Grove course is a moderately wooded challenging nine-hole course that will be set in a permanent layout just for the 2020 Junior Worlds! This park-style course requires technical shots on all nine holes made up of lush green grass and mature trees. A miniature train runs through the park on weekends. The tracks for the train also provide for additional out-of-bounds areas. Locals have enjoyed this challenging short course every fall when it has been set-up for a one-day fundraising event. Emporia is thrilled to offer the course in a permanent fashion just in time for Junior Worlds! The younger divisions will play Soden’s Grove.

Peter Pan Park

(long - 6468 feet, Par 57) Peter Pan is a technical course. Water comes into play on several holes. The signature hole on this course is Hole 8 or as some folks call it “Monkey Island” measuring 350 feet. Hole 8 requires an accurately placed tee shot to find safety on the island. Peter Pan is a local favorite amongst Emporia disc golfers. This course was established in 2007 with a special thanks to the local Optimist group who funded the baskets. In 2017 and in preparation for Junior Worlds, several course improvements were made, including new shorter tee box locations and new shorter pin positions making the course challenging for a variety of age levels.

Jones West

(long - 6137 feet, Par 58) Jones West is a beautiful course that has cedar trees and water on multiple holes. A well-placed tee shot can certainly be the difference between a 2 and a 4 on most of the holes at this established park course. The signature hole is Hole 18 measuring 465 feet. Players face a tough decision on this hole, having to decide whether to throw over the water or play it safe off of the tee. The pin sits on a hill that often causes shots to roll away. Jones West was established in 1992. In 2017 and in preparation for Junior Worlds, several course improvements were made, including new shorter tee box locations and new shorter pin positions making the course challenging for a variety of age levels.

Jones East

(long - 7531 feet, Par 59) Jones East is a long course with several water hazards and tight OB lines. Elevation changes add to the complexity of the holes at Jones East. The signature hole is Hole 9 measuring 726 feet. Players can attack this long par 4 with either a big anhyzer or an accurate straight shot through a tight gap off of the tee. Well-placed cedars and road OB make the hole difficult. A solid shot off the tee allows for a birdie opportunity, while any mistake can result in a double bogey or worse. Scoring even par at this course for the average player makes for a good day. Jones East was established in 2001. Numerous short tee pads were added to Jones East in 2017 in preparation for Junior Worlds.

Emporia Country Club

(long - 9712 feet, Par 63) This course has been designed on the beautiful grounds at Emporia Country Club. The facility features a relaxing atmosphere and club house where food and drinks are available for purchase. This course utilizes the long downhill and uphill fairways of the ball golf course to create extremely challenging holes. The water and cart paths are used for OB. The signature hole is Hole 16 measuring 340 feet over the water to a small island green measuring only 60'x40'. Players are often tested by the wind and have to make the tough decision to go for the green or lay-up to a bailout zone short and right of the island. The course was initially designed for the 2011 Glass Blown Open by Eric McCabe and has become the centerpiece course for many tournaments held in Emporia since then. Several new tee pads have been added to the Emporia Country Club in the spring of 2019, making the course even more versatile.

Course Practice Note: The Emporia Country Club will be open for practice rounds on Saturday, July 4th and Sunday, July 5th in the afternoons and all day on Monday, July 6th. Practice rounds at the Country Club will cost each player $10.00/round. Soden’s Grove, Hammond Park, Peter Pan Park, Jones West, and Jones East will be set up in Worlds layout no later than July 1st and are free to play.